Friday, 5 August 2011

Breaking the Ice

Hi there, so finally I have decided to create my own blog.  My husband has suggested maybe I should create one but I was a bit undecided on it :) So eventually I got to today and thought Why Not?  
So Welcome and thanks for coming to visit, you're welcome back anytime.  I hope you enjoy following our journey as we progress through, leave some comments and maybe even take some ideas to help yourself :)     So what brought me to this point??  Well long story short recently we have made changes to our way of living so that we are living a more simple, sustainable, healthy and frugal life.
We lived in West Auckland previously and keeping up with the fast lifestyle and pointless stuff that one accrues in keeping up with the Jones's we were living WAY outside our means! It wasn't really fulfilling for us and we made attempts to change our lifestyle but they didn't really work.  We both got to the point that we knew something had to change so we made one of the biggest decisions that we have had to make, we uprooted the family and moved an hour across the city to the country/rural side of Auckland to give our boys a different lifestyle to grow up in (one that we both grew up in) - it was the BEST decision we have made!  Initially we moved into the town and in Feb this year we finally found our 'perfect' place to rent and make our home.  We now live out in a rural area in a tiny village only 8 mins away from town so an easy drive for kindy, an awesome country school just across the road, a lovely homely home with gardens, a 40minute commute (although in traffic a bit longer) for DH's work and a farmers property at the back - we have cows living just over the back fence - perfect!

 We have made a Vegetable garden and as you can see in the photo, this is our first harvest  :) we were extremely proud of our little brocolli, silverbeet and spring onions! we are making our own cleaning products which are all basic and natural (good old baking soda and vinegar!) We are working to pay off our debt, definitely living back within our means and getting back to basics, we want our boys to grow up knowing how to survive without needing the latest things and knowing how to cook and bake without just opening something to stick in the microwave that is full of synthetic ingredients.
I had gone back to work part-time in a hair salon last year to bring in more income but with Master 5yrs starting school and Master 4yrs about to start kindy there seemed to be no time for real living and enjoying our perfect homely retreat and each other.  So we went back to the drawing board - the outcome - I stopped work a few months ago and it has allowed me to refocus all the attention to raising our family and running the household.  We have made up a strict budget so that we can manage on the one wage and this is how we come to where we are now, aiming to live simply, healthily, frugally and eliminate as many chemicals to be green conscious to protect our wonderful world.
Some yummy Wholegrain and Raisin bread I made last week

We are not living poorly, if anything we are a long way from it, I cook from scratch, I bake all our own bread and loads of yummy treats, we have time to enjoy each others company and I am slowly learning how to do all the things my Mum, Mother in Law and Nanna's used to - sewing and mending, knitting, crafting, preserving, soap making, making homemade gifts and the list goes on.

Here is my first handmade gift I put together for a friend's birthday, I knitted the scarf and made the lip balms and hand lotion, very much a gift made with love :)

Funny that, I grew up on a little farmlet in Central Hawkes Bay and for many years my parents lived completely self-sufficient.  We had huge gardens, raised our own meat, had chooks, milking cows and goats, pigs etc.  Mum made cheese from our fresh milk and along the way she has sewn and knitted.  My parents were the ultimate in self-sustainability, living simply, healthily and frugally....but as a teenager, trying to get me to do the chores around the place to help with this let alone teach me and let me appreciate it....well lets just say it didn't work so well at the time! Not when there were books to read and friends to hang out with!  But as you can see even though I begrudged it back then I am surprising myself every day with the little things I remember about those days and they are helping shape our home now! So THANKS Mum and Dad this is a tribute to you guys!!    So thats it really, a quick sum up for you as to how we find ourselves where we are now,  and why the blog?  Well for the past few months I have been cruising websites and blogs (in particular Rhonda Jean's at Down to Earth) and I have been really inspired and I am learning so much from these that the thought came up for me to create this blog, so this is our online journal of things we are doing so that just maybe I can help and be inspiring to other people just like the blogs and sites I visit are to me.  I hope to post my recipes that I am trying and little things about life along the way :) and I'd love to receive comments from anyone that may visit me here.     So there you go, Take some time to COME SMELL THE ROSES with me, slow your life down, appreciate the small things in life, and remember that GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME :)


  1. I came here from your comment on Rhonda's blog. You have a good story to tell. You write beautifully and your pictures help tell your story. I am only saying this to encourage you because many may come to look at your blog but not comment. Yes they are out there. Thank you for taking the time to write. Sarah

  2. Thankyou so much Sarah for your kind words, I had warm fuzzies reading your comment :) It is encouraging to have you reply to my post, I started this not knowing whether people would find it interesting or even care to read through, I mean compared to Rhonda Jean and the other fantastic simple living people that are out there blogging, I'm not sure I have as much and as many interesting things to post! But I shall continue on and know that there are people in the shadows taking it in :) Hope to see you back sometime :) Regards Ruth

  3. Welcome to "Blogland". We understand your decisions completely!

  4. Hi MrsW!!!! Good on you I say!!! Well done for living your life the way YOU want to!! Big thumbs up from me! Love your writing, love your ideas, love the way you LOVE your family!! Keep it up! It is inspiring! Take care & big hugs to u and ur family! And say hi to the boys from me! TaniaC

  5. Thanks guys for your comments :) And yay Becky you're my first Member :) I'm enjoying coming up with different things to blog about, have a few recipes coming up for bread and a few other things, not to mention a few words about the mighty house chores!


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