Monday, 22 August 2011

Can I fix it?...well yes I can

 So I had my doubts about these two pairs of pj pants.  They have been sitting ever so patiently in the lounge waiting for me to fix them.  They have been there a few months now, I think I was just putting it off and putting it off as I wasn't sure how easy it was going to be.  I don't own a sewing machine so any sewing I do is by the work of my own hands, and I only have a little knowledge on the subject.  A few years ago, when money was extremely tight and buying cloths didn't really rate that highly, I manage to keep a few pairs of DH's pants repaired for work as they were really bad at ripping at the seem.  If I could do those I was sure I could fix these.

 So last night I bit the bullet and sat down with all my things around me and pinned and sewed.  It took me a good few hours especially on my ones that were basically ripped through the whole back and front seem.  But I achieved it with some perseverance and a little unpicking along the way.  

Not the flashest of sewing but it's enough to do the job :)
I have a great sense of satisfaction from this. Before we made the concious effort to slow down in our lives and stop buying right into the consumerism roller coaster I probably would have just chucked them and stretched the budget to buy some new ones.  But they are perfectly good pants, and now they are fixed they will last at least another winter for us.  So next time something rips or a button comes off instead of laying it to rest, pick up a needle and thread and see if you can fix it.  It certainly doesn't have to be perfect sewing, mine is far from it, it just needs to do the job :)

Dear Santa...all I would like for Christmas is a sewing machine :)

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