Sunday, 28 August 2011

Crazy Ideas

I don't know about you but I have these (crazy ideas) all the time! My latest crazy idea is, in an endeavour to a) save the environment and b) save the petrol bill, I will dust off my very dusty bike which I haven't ridden in about 7years. The goal I have in mind is to be able to get a child seat for the back of my bike, and since I have to take Master 4 into town to kindy three times a week (which equate to 6 trips into town and back for drop off and pick up)  I want to be able to bike in and back for the drop off trip.  
Now this is a big ask, even for me! I grew up on my bike and rode my bike everywhere as a kid.  But into adult hood this has been left behind, I mean who looks good all sweaty with a helmet sandwiched onto their heads? And don't even get me started on the helmet hair!! 

But that is all behind me now, and I can see the positives radiating from my bike that has been yearning to be dusted off and taken for a blat.  You see about 8 years or so ago my DH and I went out and bought our two bikes.  Right in the height of our consumerism days, we walked into the bike shop on a whim, and filled in some forms, got the big finance approved tick and walked back out with two new mountain bikes.  They weren't the top of the line but they were pretty good. They cost about $600NZ each, so that is quite a bit for a bike, especially back then and for, let's face it, two city slickers with something to prove.  We took our newly and not paid for yet, bikes out to Woodhill forest to a mountain biking track.  It was so much fun! The last time I had been mountain biking was on a Year 10 camp in Taupo, navigating pretty steep terrain, and the terrain won the fight.  I ended up in several ground on collisions, and some very bruised ribs.  So imagine my surprise when after an awesome time fancying ourselves as Mountain Bikers out in the forest, that it is not me but DH in the emergency room at the doctors surgery with a broken elbow! I'm pretty sure the bikes only came out once after then and have been hanging in our various garages gathering dust since then.  Until now that is! (Well DH has yet to get his down, but I know him and it won't take long for him to follow suit...will it dear :))

Our littlest boy is unwell today so while he went to have a nap, I managed to convince DH to help me square my bike back up into a useable condition, then Master 5 and I headed off for our first bike ride together around the school and local neighbourhood.  What fun! I taught him how to be safe out biking and off we took, for an hour or so.  I then dropped him back home and furthered my crazy state of mind by attempting to go for a ride on the open road to see how far I could get before I suffered heart failure, a car took me out, the bike fell apart or my legs fell off.  I managed 5.8km! I'm very proud! It only took 25mins round trip and I didn't suffer heart failure, just an extreme case of pink cheeks, the cars seemed to pass by me ok and at the recommended distance, although still incredibly fast as noone seemed to slow down to go past a lone and struggling biker, my chain came off once but I managed to get it back on ok and my legs are still in tact - albeit they were very unresponsive and in a jelly like state for a while afterward.  I feel an enormous sense of achievement with myself.  Now I just face quite a few more rides going a little bit further each time, working out how to conquer all the gears on my bike and actually managing to not get off and push at any point. I just may be ready then to find a second hand child seat for the back and cycle the 17.4km round trip to kindy and home again.  Wish me luck!

Master 5 and I in all our safety gear, ready to go on a bike ride

The bike...may we clock up many km's together!

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  1. Hmmm, might just have to dust our bikes off and give them a polish...I dont ride a bike much because my legs and butt hurt too much, must be old age lol! I have a little basket on the front of mine, it is purple and a friend resourced it from the side of the ride :) I do have a more modern one too, but that doesn't get used either tch, tch, tch! Lazy girl I am...We live a bit too far out of town to ride to the shops.

    Wishing you good luck with your biking adventures :)


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