Sunday, 14 August 2011

English Muffins

So I have been talking a bit about my English Muffins that I make, and a dear friend of mine gave me a bit of a hurry along to get the recipe up :) Thanks S :)  So here is the recipe that I use for some seriously good, homemade English Muffins.

English Muffins

4 1/2 cups of Flour (tastes even better using 4 cups of White Flour and 1/2 cup of Gluten Flour)
1 sachet of Instant Yeast
1/2 teaspoon of Salt
1 teaspoon of White Sugar
2 cups of Milk (I of course use Milk made up with Milk Powder but up to you)
1 beaten Egg
50 grams of Butter

In a bowl mix the flour, yeast, salt and sugar.  
On the stove heat a pot on low heat.  Melt the butter and add the milk.  Heat slowly until just warm.  To test this hold your finger in the milk and count to 10, if its hot and uncomfortable it needs to cool down.  If you can't feel it, it's to cool and needs to be warmer.
Beat the egg and make a well in the dry ingredients pour in the egg and milk/butter mix.
Stir through with a big spoon or your hands.
Turn out on a floured bench and knead for 2 mins - you don't knead this dough for very long, just enough to come together and form a ball.
Place in a greased bowl and rise in your normal way.   Remember around this time to heat your oven to 190degC.
When doubled in size, roll out on a floured bench until approx 1 inch thick and cut out with a cutter (I find a little container from the supermarket deli good, either round or oblong but whatever you have should work.  Just remember if toasting them they will need to be a size to fit in your toaster).  Re-knead the dough and roll out as many times as required to use all the dough.  Place these on lightly floured baking trays (or you could line them with baking paper).  Bake in the oven for 5 1/2 - 6 mins each side.  You only want to brown them a little if you are going to toast them, but of course tap to see if they sound hollow and cooked.  If you have a bit of a slower oven, turn up the heat to 210degC or alternatively at 190degC leave them in for 7mins each side.  This makes approx 15 muffins depending on your size of cutter.  When you go to use them, just slice them in half and use as you would a brought one.  Store in an airtight container - if they last that long :)

My ever so fancy dough cutter :) Love recycling things for other uses
All ready to go in the oven
Yummy English Muffins

Notes to this recipe:   I have played around with the flour in this recipe. The original recipe is just all white flour, however I substituted a 1/2 cup of the plain flour for gluten flour (which if you make my Wholegrain recipe you need for this) and this gave a softer bread which we preferred, but if you don't have the gluten flour just use all white flour and it'll work just as well. The test in our house is if Master 5yrs will eat one at school as a sandwich, I gave him one of the all plain flour ones and it went down a treat so don't stress if you don't have the gluten flour it's purely optional.

If you need to rise this dough quickly you can use the microwave rise method because you are using the instant yeast sachets.  To do this, grease your bowl and the top of the dough and cover with cling film.  Microwave on LOW for 1 minute.  Stand for 10 minutes in the microwave.  Microwave again on LOW for 1 minute and stand for another 10 minutes.  Check after this and if it needs more give it another cycle then proceed as normal from here.

Enjoy :)

This recipe is originally from Sophie Gray you can find the link here.


  1. Thanks for posting this recipe. I love english muffins and am going to try this at home this weekend.

  2. You're more than welcome :) they are so yummy and have become a staple bread in our house alongside the yummy wholegrain I make. Happy baking and hope to see you back soon :)

  3. Do you have to use instant yeast? Have you tried using other yeasts? Would I need to rise twice if using surebake? Thanks for your blog :-) Am trying gluten flour with the the bun recipe today.. it sure is expensive :-/ and I think I'm buying the same brand as you from pak n save


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