Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Green Lawn

My assistant :)  It was very cold outside today in the wind

Our lawn is green, but we also mow our lawns in a green way :) When we were in the suburbs, we lived in townhouses and had a tiny amount of lawn to mow.  Four years ago we spent $120 on this push mower, it's never let us down.  We have often thought as we have moved to bigger sections that we need to get a 'real' mower but it's never made it to the priority list.  I'm glad it didn't.  We have also had a friend offer their spare lawnmower for us to use, but we politely declined. We like mowing our lawns like this, it's a little extra way to reduce our carbon footprint.  We use it by choice. We don't pay anything to maintain our lawns, we don't use petrol to use it or power to run it, it runs on pure person power. It has a self sharpening blade on it.  It's great for a workout :) It only takes about an hour to mow all our lawns that we have now.  A perfect contribution to living frugally.


  1. Hi Ruth, great to see a push mower in action!

  2. Hi Amanda, it is isn't it :) we used to have one on our farm but it was a rusty old thing, so this one is a dream to use in comparison :) DH and I enjoy taking turns to clear out the cobwebs and push it around for an hour.

  3. We have one of these! However it doesn't get used nearly as much as I would like. Because of low rainfall, we dont have much green grass, and what we do have I am thinking of turning into a productive garden...

    Certainly a great way to keep fit and help the environment though!


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