Sunday, 21 August 2011

How the Fish Contribute

The boys have a pet fish each, Master 5 has Care-y and Master 4 has Jammy.  Just the bog standard pet fish right?  Well our fish are special.  They earn their keep in our house and help to contribute to our frugal way of living by giving back beautifully fertilised water for the garden.  

Each time I clean out the tank, I siphon out 1/2 of the tank water and then pop it into the watering can.  This water holds beneficial bacteria that helps to feed the plants.  It's great, something so simple as keeping pet fish for the boys helps to supplement feeding the pot plants.  The best thing is it doesn't cost a cent!

All that yummy fish poo goodness

Master 5 watering his bean seeds he's growing for Calf Club.  We also gave some to the strawberries and carrots
So next time you clean your fish tank, save the water and feed it to the garden or pot plants.  If you've ever considered getting some fish, I recommend it if you have a garden to feed :)

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  1. Oh I wish I could have fish. I have tried several times to have a tank but all the fish end up being called "murder victims" as I can't keep a tank alive. LOVE fish but I have a "fishless thumb".


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