Saturday, 13 August 2011

In the Kitchen

Today I am where I love to be - in my kitchen.  I am making my first attempt at Marmalade with a gorgeous bag of spray free Oranges I got from the market for $1.50 and lemons from my tree.  I will post the recipe that I am using later - if its works of course :)
This morning Master 5yrs went to get the mail for me and came back with a package.  A friend of mine that I have never met in person but have known through the online world since our 4year olds were babies sent me a gorgeous looking jar of her homemade jam.  I will send her a jar of my marmalade in return :) Loving the old fashioned snail mail swapsies :) 

My gorgeous jar of Jam my friend sent me

 Tonight we are having a sleepover with three of the boys friends.  With some of the boys allowance they get and money from some haircuts I did we are going to get some fish and chips for dinner, watch a movie and then have homemade Ice Cream and chocolate pudding for dinner. Everyone will sleep on mattresses in the lounge so it'll be lots of fun for them all!
I am in the process now of making the Ice Cream, I have used the recipe from Rhonda's blog Down to Earth which I have made once before and it was so yummy and easy I've made it again.  I made my own sweetened condensed milk to go it so will post that recipe later.  We don't have Ice Cream very often so I love that I can turn out a batch with ingredients already in my pantry so there is no extra spending for that treat.

Ready to go into the freezer - I hope it sets in time

This week I have been busy experimenting and I am hoping to get some photos and recipes up for you when they are done.  I have planted a Ginger Beer plant, which is bubbling away nicely.  I made my first batch of homemade yoghurt in the slow cooker and have turned that into Labneh (yoghurt cheese which is the same I think as Rhonda's at D2E Quark Cheese) and I will be turning this out today to see how well we've succeeded.  I'll probably mix it up with some sweet chilli sauce and have it with crackers for afternoon tea with some homemade Lemon Cordial.  With the Whey I think I will try making some Ricotta as I found a recipe online for making Ricotta from Whey.  I also had my first go at making my own Pastry for a pie for dinner the other night.  What a success! it was divine - I will no longer be buying my pastry if I can avoid it.  I've made a batch of English Muffins that of course have been devoured in record time so I'll be needing to make some more of these or some bread.

Fresh batch of English Muffins - lasted two days :)

So when I get the chance and I have finished in my kitchen today I'll come back to get some recipes up for you.  But right now I'm enjoying smelling the marmalade bubbling away - oh and watching DH cook a yummy lunch for us :)

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