Saturday, 6 August 2011

Magic Face Treatments from the Pantry

And on the note of the previous post of a little TLC, I thought I would share a recipe I tried last night that is super easy and gives your face a good treat.

I have funny skin, a bit sensitive, a bit oily and a bit dry - actually it has been a bit of a pain really my whole life as I'm sure most of you may have experienced as well.  I have been very wary of what I put near it as some things can make me breakout, or get blotches in my complexion.  I have spent hundreds of dollars trying all the new latest potions and cures, and along with all of this comes the countless amount of chemicals that have been applied and soaking into my bloodstream without a thought to the harm they could be causing.  So I have started on the track of making my own all natural and as frugal as I can get products.  I have read a few books and goodness knows how many websites so thought I was ready last night to give my skin an exfoliant treatment of the natural kind, and man did it work a treat!

So here's what I did:       
I took a couple of tablespoons of natural rock salt (not the iodised type) and mixed this with a little Olive Oil (I used Extra Virgin but I'm sure it doesn't matter to much).  I wet my face first with a warm facecloth to open the pores a little and then - very messily I might add - I took little handfuls and rubbed the mix all over my face keeping it in little circular motions.  I seemed to drop a bit of salt along the way but all in all I think it worked as it was meant to, it felt really nice rubbing away all the dry skin.  I then made my facecloth as hot as I could stand it and held it over my face till it cooled to create almost like a steaming effect and then washed it off with warm water.  The olive oil is a good cleanser and the salt has anti-oxidant properties from what I have read.

Next I thought why not try honey as my research has turned up that it is a great source of anti-oxidants and because it is a humectant which helps to attract and keep moisture in your skin which in turn hydrates it.   

So off I toddled to the pantry and got out my runny honey (I think its just clover) and smeared this all over my face - keeping it off the eye area though - and IT TICKLED!! LOL.  I walked out to my DH and he just shook his head at me and tutted - he's so used to my madness LOL.
Anyway I was aiming to keep it on for 10mins but think I ended up doing 8mins, I had to hold a tissue under my chin though as the honey was dripping off my nose and chin, but mmmmm did it taste good :) When I got to the point of taking it off I just massaged it into my skin and then washed it off with warm water - I tell ya, my skin has never ever felt so soft and my pores were looking alot smaller than they do normally!   This was MAGIC!!

So I followed this up with my toner which is just straight Rose Water spritzed over my face or applied with a cotton pad and then what is fast becoming my night-time 'moisturiser'  - I take a Vit E capsule and pierce the end of it with a needle a couple of times and then squeeze it out over my face and neck (don't forget you neck and down to your chest ladies!) and massaged it all in.  I have been experimenting at night with Vit E, Sweet Almond Oil and I made up a night face oil mix but they made me come out in spots, the Vit E so far has done nothing but let me wake up with beautiful soft glowing skin :) so I am one happy Lady to have found that the treatments were so successful and for the fact I had all the ingredients in my cupboard the cost is minimal - compared to my old beauty therapy products which cost over $100 each for cleanser and moisturiser and around $80 for the exfoliant and they are full of synthetic ingredients and chemicals - I am a converted woman.  If you want to try this but don't have any Vit E on hand, you could try using a little Olive Oil.
N.B the Vit E capsule treatment idea has come from Wendyl Nissen at the Green Goddess website - she has some great ideas to try out, some of which I have and I'm sure I will post my findings of them on here over time :) 

This morning instead of needing to re-cleanse and moisturise when I woke up, I just washed my face with warm water and applied some of my Olive Oil body oil I have made up and my skin has felt so nice all day and no sign of any breakouts!

BTW - to make the body oil  I mix 30mls of Olive Oil with 30 drops of Essential Oil - my favourite EO to use is Bergamot - nice and fresh.  This would be also great to use on pregnant tummies instead of using commercial stretch mark potions, its a minimal cost and you know whats in it! just please if you use this whilst pregnant do a little research into what Essential Oils are safe to use in pregnancy.  If we have another baby down the track I will sure be relying on this to sooth the dry itchy skin that comes with sporting a large growing baby belly :)

Feel free to comment with any other lotions and potions you have made up of the natural kind for your skin care - I would Love to hear about them! :)


  1. FUNNY! Love reading the bit about u & ur honey face!!! LOL Blog away if it makes u happy I say... i have no doubt there will always be someone out there that it will interest!! :-) TaniaC

  2. The whole honey process was a bit of a laugh Tania! but man did it work well :)


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