Monday, 15 August 2011

My Never Fail Pinwheel Scones

As I sit here munching on a yummy sweet pinwheel scone, I cannot believe I am about to reveal one of my top secret recipes LOL.  But if I am to be true to my blog I have share my little tips on how to live frugally and simply but still be able to eat like King and Queens :)  Once you have this recipe in your back pocket you will never run out of ideas for a snack, lunch, lunchbox item, treat or great plate filler that is really quick to put together and anybody can make (Master 5yrs made ours today)

I learnt this recipe for Pinwheels when I was in Home Economics in highschool.  They are just basic scone pinwheels however I think the dough is a bit different and no matter where I take them or what I put in them everybody loves them!  I use them as a cheap lunch on the weekends, a great lunch alternative in the lunchbox for both DH and Master 5yrs or a nice after school snack.  They are my never fail can always rely on frugal option for providing a plate when times require it.  I have even sent some Marmite and Cheese pinwheels along to school for a shared lunch and our teacher was telling me how she couldn't get enough of them and they tasted even better than the Bakers Delight scrolls - now this was flattering :)

Basic Pinwheel Scone Mix
1 cup of Flour
2 teaspoons of Baking Powder
1 pinch of Salt
25gms of Butter
1/3 cup of Milk (milk powder milk is fine)

This is one measure of standard dough, it will make roughly 6-7 pinwheels depending on how big you make them.  Double or triple the recipe as require. 
Heat oven to 190degC.  

To make this without the food processor (I have made them like this for years), put the flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl, grate in the butter and rub it into the mix to resemble a course breadcrumb.  Mix in the milk with a knife and using hand knead into a workable dough.

To make using the food processor (When I got my food processor, I started making mine using this), place the flour, salt and baking powder into the bowl.  Add the butter, this needs to be straight out of the fridge and cut up with a knife into reasonable small squares.  Using the chopping/knife blade,  process until the butter is all chopped up and mixed in.  Slowly add the milk whilst the processor is on and keep it going until your dough ball forms.  I do find in the food processor the dough seems a bit softer.

Now put your dough out onto a floured bench and with your rolling pin roll out flat and into as much of an oblong shape as you can manage (it doesn't have to be perfect).  Just remember to keep changing the sides of dough and direction you are rolling out.  You want this quite thin, not so it rips easily but aiming for around 1/2 a cm thick.  
Put whatever toppings you wish to on top and then you want to roll your dough up.  
Roll from one edge to another tucking the sides in as you go.  If the outer edge isn't sticking dampen with a little water on your finger to get it to stick.  
Next with your roll gently squeeze it and stretch just to get it a little longer if you want for it to go a bit further.  Slice up into your preferred size of pinwheel, place on a tray with baking paper and cook until the are golden (roughly 10mins).

Topping Ideas:
Sweet - Slather melted butter over the dough with a pastry brush, put brown sugar all over, rub your hand over it to get the brown sugar to seperate and spread and sprinkle over cinnamon or a combo of mixed spice and all spice.   This one is a favourite of all of ours, but in particular it's the all time favourite of Master 5yrs .

Marmite and Cheese - Spread Marmite (or Vegemite) all over the dough and cover with grated cheese. This is a big favourite with little toddlers and older babies to suck away on.  Also a regular in our lunchboxes.

Ham and Cheese - Sprinkle over some chopped shaved ham, and sprinkle with cheese - as optional items you could also put spring onion chopped finely or chives (dried or fresh) in as well.  Sometimes I slather Pickle or Relish on the dough first then add the cheese and ham.

Smoked Chicken, Cranberry and Brie - Slather on Cranberry Sauce/Jelly, some chopped up smoked Chicken and scatter on some pieces of Brie.

The options for toppings are endless, get creative and have some fun in the kitchen.  These are just simply the best easy yummiest scones to make :)

Note - I actually use this mix if I want to make plain scones to have with golden syrup or cream and jam, I normally just make up a 3 cup batch and shape as I need.


  1. Another great filling for pinwheel scones is good old watties spaghetti! I spread it on with some grated cheese - the kids go nuts for it!

  2. MMMM yum! I imagine spaghetti and cheese would go down well, thanks for that tip :) These are also really yummy made up like mini rolled pizzas - great for a plate of party food :)

  3. Can't wait to make these, often thought back to these home Ec goodies and cursed myself for not keeping the recipe.

  4. they were really good,i used apple,coconut and brown sugar on mine :P


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