Friday, 12 August 2011

On my Mind - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Over at Rhonda Jean's blog Down to Earth, every friday there is a friday feature  'On my mind', this is my post of something that is on my mind today.  If this is your first visit to my blog then a big Welcome to you, and if you have been before Great to see you back :)

This post today is not what I would normally post on my blog but I also feel it is something of great importance to share awareness of. Part of leading our simple, healthy and frugal life is also about being green conscious and aiming to do what we can in our home to protect our environment, as I'm sure many of you are doing. 

This week we had a rural newspaper delivered to us, DH and I found an article based on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  We had no idea of its existence and it was very upsetting to read through and gain an understanding of the large global problem.  I have included the link below for you to read through if you choose to, it is pretty overwhelming but I believe that it is something we should all be aware of and I am just doing my bit to help spread the message.  This is only one of the websites with information, just typing The Great Pacific Garbage Patch into Google will bring up many more sites if you wish to read further.

This is in the middle of the ocean, imagine being a sea creature living in and around this?   

Apart from the plastic and bi products of the petroleum industry another highlight of the article in the paper was in the agricultural world, all the run-off from the toxic sprays and Fertilisers are killing the marine life when it makes its way into the sea. Guaranteed when any run-off from farms and our general homes and gardens makes its way into a water way it eventually ends up in our seas, not to mention harming the wildlife that live around our properties.  It highlighted that in the Thames river here in NZ there is major sediment build up from these run-offs, so much so that it was reported that in some places around the beautiful coromandel the water is now not as clear and is unpleasant to snorkel in.  The fish and other sea creatures are injesting these poisonous substances and then where do they end up? On our plates!

One of my next posts I make will be on what frugal green cleaners we use in our home.  This has re-affirmed for me that I will do the best I can to keep our home and garden green and as eco friendly as is possible.  To limit the amount of plastic waste that comes out of our home and any plastics that are or that do come into our home are and will be fully recyclable.

I hope this post has given you a little food for thought for your day and something to discuss with your families and friends.  I will be doing what I can to educate my children about these global scale problems so that we can all help look after the environment for our future generations to enjoy it as we do and our past generations have.


  1. This post is linked to Rhonda's On My Mind Friday Feature -

  2. It's upsetting and hideous, isn't it. There is one of these in the Atlantic Ocean too. We all have to take responsibility and start cutting back and recycling whatever rubbish we can.

  3. HI, jumped over from D2E. Thanks for this article, I googled for others, it is ghastly, and makes me more determined to do better environmentally.

  4. Popped over from Rhonda's blog. What a horrible sight - all that garbage. We need to cut back on what we use and be more responsible and mindful of what we do use.

  5. It's heartbreaking to see what mankind has done to this planet, and that picture is quite a shock. Like everyone else here, it makes me more mindful of what I throw out and what I can cut back on to do my part.

    visiting from Down To Earth

  6. I think the picture that had the most effect on me was in the link I provided there is a turtle with a plastic ring around it tummy and it has matured into an adult around this ring, creating a very deformed and I'm sure very much in pain turtle. It is very angering to me that consumerism, greed and laziness in mankind has caused this. It is now to big to solve but its comforting to think if we all did our bit we can help prevent it from getting worse. I hope our and others messages spread far and wide and get more people on board to help save our precious world.


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