Friday, 19 August 2011

On My Mind - Pantry Sorting and Stockpiling

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So I took a day off yesterday from blogging as I had a mammoth task to get through, I had to sort out my pantry, clear out my cupboard which is to be the Larder for our stockpile, stock-take what we have on hand and like any homemaker I had another 101 things to get done also.  Although I couldn't entirely leave my blog in the virtual world so I took photos of my progress to share.  I have been wanting to get on and get this sorted for a while now.  I was inspired by Rhonda at Down To Earth when I first started reading her blog to create a stockpile to help decrease the amount of shopping I do.  Slowly I have been building up little bits for this and yesterday I finally gritted my teeth and got on with it - the pantry was a bit of a shambles I must confess. 

DH and I have affectionately named the stockpile cupboard the Larder :) although it's obviously not the true old fashioned larder room,  its our take on a larder :)

So first things first I had to clear out the pantry and see what we had, I then spent most of the morning completing my stock-take.  I compiled a list of what we had and the quantities of items we would need to last for a month without doing a big shop.  We had thought we might use our grocery surplus to top this up in one hit, but then on evaluating what we actually had, we've decided just to build this up on the next few fortnights when shopping and take advantage of specials.

hmmm in a bit of a pickle :) 

Here is the larder with our stockpile as it stands

The cupboard is on the other side of the kitchen bench, it really was just a dumping ground for the boys drawings etc

Mission 1 complete! The beginnings of our stockpile

I then had to take a break and drop Master 4 to kindy, I knew the cat biscuits we get and a few other things were on special at Countdown so I thought I would drop by there on the way home.  It just so happened I also came across a half price sale on the containers we already use for storing flour etc and I was wanting some more.  So I stretched the surplus and got some for the rest of my baking flours to help store them better and tidy the pantry up...then another thought hit me.  I headed around to the op-shop and found a whole load of large jars and old storage jars so I could organise my dried fruits etc properly instead of the mess of tied up bags.  I was one happy chappy! $6 at the op-shop and $18 on the containers and I could organise my pantry better.  So after a whole lot of soapy washing and drying/sterilising in the oven my pantry has gone from a shambles to a nice organised haven :)

The loot

Messy Shambles
How I found anything when baking I have no idea

It's a mess down here to!
After a bit of time and elbow grease I turned the above pictures into this

Order restored!
I'm glad I have finally found the jars I needed to store the foods properly

I've made a little hidey place for my jam making jars behind the cans DH will be pleased to get them out of the way :)

So there you have it! This is what I have been up to in the last day...maybe this will spur you on if you have been putting off this task in your home also.  I must say, I wish I had gotten onto it sooner, it's so nice to access and find whatever I need with ease.  And the stockpile will grow steadily over the next wee while so we can stretch the envelope more on the grocery shopping :)

Oh and amongst all of this chaos, DH and I bottled our Ginger Beer last night, we can't wait to drink it! The recipe is one of Rhonda's at D2E, I'll do a post on how we did this soon.  I love Ginger Beer as does DH, it reminds us both of our childhoods and our parents making Ginger Beer :)

The fruits of our labour last night - Ginger Beer, Labneh Cheese and homemade Maple Syrup


  1. Great job with the pantry!

    This is something I have been working on too, and building a stockpile cupboard in the process. Storage containers/jars are hard to come by, although I did see some large jars recently in one of the "cheap" shops...Hardest part is keeping the pantry nice and neat and tidy!

    Enjoy your ginger beer :)

  2. Thanks Tania :) I was stoked to find these big jars at the op-shop...I think I kind of stripped the shop out of the big ones though lol. Have you got somewhere close to you that might sell second hand jars?

  3. Wow, what a mammoth job that was but worth the effort. You have inspired me to do the same. Copying is the best form of flattery they say. Visiting from DTE. Enjoy your well organised larder.

  4. Thanks for posting on my blog. I have just become a follower of yours. I love your photos and ethos, thanks for saying ' hi ' !

  5. wow what a great difference and I love having a small stockpile that will get us by in an emergency. Also visiting from DTE

  6. Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by :) I am loving my pantry! The boys came home from school and my 5 year just kept staring at it going 'Wow Mum' so it must be impressive :) I'm loving being able to connect with different bloggers and read about what other people are up to particularly through Rhonda's Friday feature, so I hope to see you all again soon :) BTW Chris, love the comment "copying is the best form of flattery" :)

  7. Hello Mrs.W, great pantry you do have! Loved how you had organized the larder! I also need to get cracking re my pantry
    . Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I just went through our pantry a couple weeks ago and I honestly thought I'd NEVER get it done. It was so unorganized and I couldn't find anything. On the other hand, I did find things I forgot about and had a good laugh at myself for that.
    The ginger beer and marmalade look wonderful!

    visiting from Down To Earth

  9. gotta love it when a plan comes together...well done!


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