Monday, 8 August 2011

Saying NO

This is a word I normally can't say to someone if they want something from me or for me to help them.  I normally smile and agree to do whatever it is they are asking.  Normally at the cost of my time, which means my family and our home miss out on something.  I then get to time to smell the roses doing to many things for other people!

So tonight I did it.  I had a client ring me tonight in the middle of cooking dinner with kids fighting and running around screaming and she was practically pleading with me to find some time to do her hair for her.  NO.  I said it.  Probably can count on one hand how many times I've said it, it doesn't come out that often.  But I can no longer count on one hand how many times I've nodded and put on a smile to get myself through something I should have said No to.

We had made the decision that I no longer will do clients from home, only close friends and family.  I barely knew this person, she had tracked me down from my last salon.  It normally takes around 3 hours to do a clients hair, that's 3 hours my son has to occupy himself or watch yet another movie.  That's 3 hours that I could be baking nourishing food for my family, tidying up and creating an inviting family home and more importantly it's 3 hours I am not able to give my son my attention fully.  That is not worth the cost of serving someone elses needs just for a little bit of pin money.  Some people may not understand that, to them money is money and when on a tight financial line money is taken at all accounts.  But we have a budget, we live on our one wage and have set ourselves up for this.  So No I was not taking the money over the cost to ourselves and our home.

I've shared this little story tonight with you, only because I know I am not the only one that can't say NO.  Sometimes number 1 must come first.  Life shouldn't be about rushing around serving other people constantly and it shouldn't be driven by the need for money money money.  Life is about taking time for the important things in's about taking time to smell the roses.

SO JUST SAY NO :) you'll feel better for it

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