Saturday, 13 August 2011

Simple Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk

For the Ice Cream I made today for the sleepover  (Ice Cream post to come later) I needed some Sweetened Condensed Milk.  I have a can in the cupboard but I really wanted it to be all homemade.  So I went looking and sure enough in one of my Destitute Gourmet books there was a recipe.  It is so simple and tastes just like the bought stuff! Worked perfectly in my Ice Cream.

Sweetened Condensed Milk
3/4 cup of White Sugar
1/2 cup of Warm Water
1 heaped cup of Milk Powder (the full fat stuff :) )

In a pot dissolve the sugar in the water over a gentle heat stirring it well.  When the sugar is all melted add the milk powder and whisk it constantly.  When it starts to thicken (roughly 5mins depending on the heat) take it off the heat and bob's your uncle you have sweetened condensed milk.  I'd store it in the fridge in a jar if not using it straight away.

One note to this recipe as I found out today is not to keep it on the heat for to long.  It seemed to thicken quickly and at about 4 mins it tasted perfect! I thought I would keep it on a bit longer and at around 7mins DH tasted it and it had gone a bit grainy.  It seems something to do with the milk powder? Anyway it still works fine in cooking and baking though, so don't discard it!  Next time I'm going to time mine to tasting and when it tastes right and still smooth I'll take it off so probably no more than 5mins on the heat.

Enjoy :)

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