Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Small things in Life - The Greatest Pleasures

This morning I looked out the window, the forecast is rain - it's beautifully sunny :) I look at my lemon tree and I'm delighted to see our little visitors are back with us today.

 I look out at this small part of our garden from the deck, This sparked my thoughts of bringing birds to the garden

When we moved to our house I decided that I wanted to bring nature back to life.  I wanted the neighborhood birds to see our garden as a safehaven and a place to come and forage for food.  I want the boys growing up knowing the small pleasures in life that I was lucky enough to experience - and more. My mother-in-law has a beautiful garden with lots of natives, it's gorgeous. She also has lots of birds that come to visit her garden - including our native Tui.  It's just lovely to go on a holiday to Grandma's with the boys and let them listen to all the bird calls.  You don't get much nature in back gardens these days.   I'm still very much in the learning phase of how to encourage this, I'm sure there will be a post or two about this along the way :)

Outside our kitchen window is our lemon tree.  A month ago, without even giving it a thought really as to what might happen, I started throwing our toast crusts (I must admit I'm not much of a crust eater and the boys have followed suit :) ) and any scraps of bread out the window instead of in the rubbish (we're working on getting a compost bin).  My thought I remember at the time was - well I'm sure the birds will find it.   A few days ago I noticed the sound of alot of bird chatter when sitting at the table with Master 4.  We looked out to see a flock of Wax-eyes and Sparrows hanging out at the lemon tree - they were after the bread scraps!

Looking out from our dining room, this is where the birds come to feed and play

So I have bought some nature to our garden, just by throwing the bread out the window instead of in the bin.  I love nothing more now than to stand at the sink washing dishes and watch our little friends flitting around the place talking to each other :) Ahh the small things in life bring the greatest pleasure :)

The birds are hard to photograph but I managed to get 2 Wax-eyes on the fence, the tree is actually full of them though

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