Saturday, 6 August 2011

Some much needed TLC

So today I had on my mind to whip into town to the markets and get some fresh leeks, a cruise to see what else was looking good in the produce and maybe some oranges so that I can pair them up with some of my lemons on my fully laden tree and attempt my first ever batch of preserving...well if you call making Marmalade preserving :), then head to the local op-shops for some jars and to see what others treasures may be lurking, and a few shops to price up the things I needed for making my first batch of soap.  Then I was to come home, pop on the slow cooker and research some recipes and make some homemade yoghurt in the slow cooker, make some more washing powder and then get onto stripping and washing the duvet covers and airing the this would have been a good productive day for me but I didn't actually get around to half of this - instead I decided to take a break from doing things for the household and do something for me!  Dh decided to be the best husband and told me to go into town on my own for a break, so off I toddled and my hair was driving me mental!  - can you see where this may be going? ;)

I had cut a friends hair yesterday and had given her a good change and all I could think of was how nice it must have felt for her, so after going to the market I stopped in at the first salon I found and asked if they could take me - as luck would have it for me they could....luck for the hairdresser on the other hand, she needed it in bucket loads - poor thing! LOL.  I hadn't had it cut since Oct so it was pretty long and bushy! after an hour and a half I emerged sporting a good 3 inches off and new layers and feeling 100 times lighter! man it felt good to do something for myself.  Of course though being as terribly fussy about my hair as I am I came home and gave it a ...few... tweaks with my scissors but it is now sitting nicely above my shoulders, curling well again and I even put a new colour back through it which being a hairdresser I had loafing about in the cupboard, talk about a new woman!

I'm just very lucky my friend gave me a little money for doing hers, the money was going to be going into our cash surplus but I decided that I could just manage to spare it for my haircut instead along with a little of my pocket money I had :)  in my previous consumer driven life the thought of where the money was coming from never would have crossed my mind and swip would have gone the plastic to be figured out and paid off somehow later.  Much better to be doing this feeling guilt free!

So I'm glad I did this, it was me taking some much needed to time to give to myself instead of to everyone else as we tend to do, I probably won't do it again for another half a year or so.  I think it is very important to do some nice things for ourselves wouldn't you agree? to many of us slip by the wayside and then wake up one day going WHO AM I?

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