Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Vege Patch

Well yesterday was a big day in the vege garden.  We woke to a morning of beautiful spring weather, just perfect for my plans to tear apart the vege patch.  When we moved in here in Feb this year, we had all sorts of plans for the garden, and in particular creating a vege growing area.  Around mid March the first of the vege areas came to life lovingly made by my DH, and in late March I had this planted with the first seedlings.  This is our first vege garden, although we both grew up with the gardens our parents tended, it's our first time.  We're complete novices, but like all willing apprentices we like to learn on the job!  We've managed to produce some results for this winter which was just so exciting. But as the winter has drawn on and my dislike for cold wet weather has endured the last few months, the dear vege garden has been a bit neglected - although we still managed to have the Cauliflowers produce beautiful snowy white goodness recently.  
Yesterday was the day to be seized and we got to work.  We are extending the area down the fence line as you will see in the photos to the first pohutakawa bush, so that we can grow plenty of yummy veges and berries over the summer.  We've given this area a good clean up. Our friends are getting some soil and compost in for their gardens in a few weeks and they have kindly offered for us to go in with them.  So very soon, we'll have some soil and DH will find some planks and extend the raised sides.  We have some trellis in the garage and need to get some more to go along the fence line.  This will tidy it up and also allow us to grow some tomato plants in pots along the trellis line.  Also our neighbour gave me a whole lot of strawberries that she had taken out from her garden so I had them to plant as well.  I cleaned up the existing bed, seperated out the leeks and spring onions, laid down some more egg shells, fertilised with some yummy fish fertiliser and generally tidied it up and gave it some much needed love :)  
DH did a fantastic job today as he did most of the big clearing away of the plants that were growing in the way, he is a good HeMan when I need him to be. Of course we also had our little helpers pitching in as well.  Lovely to be out in the sunshine and fresh air with the whole family working together. I know that the work and time that all four of us give to the garden is going to help contribute to providing nourishing, healthy and yummy food in just a few short months. All it takes is a bit of care and love :)



Hmm before

Now that's looking better :)

The plants need to come out to make some room for the spuds

All Cleared Up

Little Helper Master 5

This trailer load holds what we've have pulled out of the garden since March, there is a lot of it! We are very lucky our friends have been able to leave a trailer for us to load it onto and tomorrow its been taken to their parents farm to be disposed of, thanks C!


  1. Hi Ruth, I've just grabbed a quiet moment to pop over and have a look at your 'place'! And I think I need to spend a bit more time here and have a longer look - you have some interesting posts!
    Thanks for your kind words about my family - yes we are close and have lots of fun together.... makes up for the busyness!!

  2. What a lovely spot you live in Ruth. I can see the paddocks stretching out behind your fence. My experience with vegie growing is that there is a lot of trial and error, good luck and bad luck but homegrown sure tastes the best! :-)

  3. Hi Evi and Maria, thanks for 'popping in' to my blog. It means a lot to me that you have come for a visit, and I do hope you find it interesting Evi. I am having a lot of fun writing posts, but I do think I have to much to say sometimes! but then again that's just me lol. Maria, it is a lovely spot here, it's so calm and peaceful and it's nice to work away in the garden and not feel claustrophobic and squashed up against neighbours on all sides as we have been for years. Well best head off and do some work, Hope to see you again soon, Regards, Ruth

  4. We have been busy with our garden too, planting out seedlings and making a new bed. There was much needed rain last night so the plants have all jumped to attention and looking really good. I have only lost one capsicum seeding so far...

    Your garden bed looks great. And the scenery around you looks lovely too. We dont have much greenery around us here...


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