Thursday, 25 August 2011

Waxing - Bees Wax Style

I have been experimenting :) After hours of trawling through the internet looking at alternative ways of doing things i.e. frugal and green friendly ways I have come up with a whole stack of things to try.  I know some will work and some won't.  

The other night though I set to work on this little gem.  I can honestly say now that Beeswax works brilliantly as a hot wax treatment for hair removal.  So instead of heading down to the local beauty therapist for a wax, get yourself some beeswax and do it yourself.  A bikini wax here costs around $30-$50 and there is no way I am out to pay that at the moment.  A while back I bought a large block of beeswax from a local honey shop for $5 which I use in making my homemade lipbalms amongst other goodies, and I have seen it at the markets and online for really cheap also.

All I did was slice off a little part of the block, I would say all up I used about 2 teaspoons.  Put this in a double boiler or in a bowl sitting over a pot of boiling water and melt.  Now this is obviously HOT! so careful hands are needed.  Through a bit of painful trial and error I can tell you, do not put the wax on your skin when it is still a liquid!  You want to let it start to solidify but not go solid.  I used one of the kids art iceblock sticks which you can pick up at a $2 shop to apply it.  
Powder the area to be waxed with either baby powder or like me you can use Cornflour - it works just as well :)
Using the stick  I scooped out the solidified but still soft wax onto the stick and then applied it in quite a good layer over the hair to be removed.  Just to warn you this will still be a bit hot, but I managed to get through it and I hate pain so it should be fine, to be honest it was just the same as a beauty therapist doing it.  Pat it a few times, let it cool and then pick a little corner and pull it off. If you can get the whole strip off in one go then do this, otherwise just pick and roll the little bits until they come off, this will still take the hair with it.  It works a treat! Just tweeze any that don't come away, or you can use a little bit of the wax and just try dabbing it over the hairs, some do come away like this.  It takes a little practice to get the hang of it.
Afterwards just like any wax it'll be a sensitive area so avoid creams etc, although you can use some Aloe Vera on it or I opened a capsule of Vit E and smeared this over it.  By morning it was all settled.  Remember to watch the direction that you are pulling it off, you want to go in the opposite direction to the hair growth.  If your wax goes solid before you are finished just pop it back on the heat to re-soften it.


  1. OOUUCCHH!!!!
    I can't say there is anything enjoyable about a wax! Especially when you are doing it yourself....Funny isn't it, I have endured natural child birth 5 times now but there is no way you would get hot wax near me!!! Give me an old razor anyday!!
    But good for you, it is very satisfying to be able to do these things yourself instead of relying on and paying others. You must share your secrets to making lip balm, that I could handle!!

  2. Hiya, yea it was a bit ouchie! but hey I'm a sucker for punishment :) I'm just stoked I found an alternative :) I will endeavour to get my lipbalm recipe up soon, I haven't made on in a while so I might do it this weekend :) Thanks for visiting

  3. looks like it's time I worked up some courage and tried wax! ;)

  4. Hello MrsW,
    I'm very much interested in this recipe of yours for hair removal. My question is, how do you clean the bowl in which you just had melt the wax?
    And my 2nd question if there is any leftover wax then how do you store it?
    Please respond. Thanks

    1. Hi there, It's been quite some time since I used this method I must confess :) But if I remember correctly to clean the bowl I would pour boiling water into it to melt the wax, swish it around and tip it out then clean as per normal either in the dishwasher or soapy hot water. I only ever melted off a small amount for each application but if I were to store it I would steralise a jar and lid, then melt the wax fully and pour into the jar. The next time you want to use it heat the jar up in hot water or the microwave to melt the wax again. Just remember to let it solidify but still be soft and warm before applying as you don't want to burn yourself! Best of luck and thanks for reading my blog :) Hope you come again soon to visit.


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