Sunday, 25 September 2011

Busy Life

Wow it has been a long time since I have had the time to be able to sit down and write.  The last few weeks life has been very busy in our house.  We have had a few little 5 year old birthdays to attend and a very big lead up to Master 5's first Calf Club at school.  What an adventure it was getting ready for that! 

We grew some beans for a plant project and had a bit of fun with those. 3 of the original seeds didn't grow, we left them outside on the deck and think it wasn't quite the right environment to encourage vigorous healthy plant growth, so about 3 weeks out we planted 3 more seeds and managed to get them to grow.  We had diaries we had to keep on the beans and also our pet fish that Master 5 took for his pet display.  Then there was also the baking we had to do - phew as much fun as it all was I must admit to being a little glad when yesterday it all came to an end after the final prize giving.  But I might do more of a post on this later, I am so proud of my little guy for all he did to participate in calf club.

I have been also spending some time getting the vege garden expanded and ready for the spring planting.  I have a bunch of seeds now waiting to be sown into seed trays which I really must get onto.  But I am very happy with how the garden is coming along now :)

Before the tidy up and new planting

After the tidy up and re-arranging.  Also have sown some Radishes, Spring Onions and Mesclun salad mix.

The last Cauliflower to be harvested.  Tasted so yummy!
I have also spent some time doing some spring cleaning around the house.  We finally had some dry warmer weather arrive so I managed to catch the cleaning bug to get on top on the winter dust :) 

After a very busy few weeks, it is now time to make a conscious effort to pull back and slow things down again.  We are a few weeks out from school holidays so we are looking forward to some nice lazy days at home where if we choose not to we don't have to leave our little slice of paradise :) I am also looking forward to some nice warm days hanging out in the garden :)

So I must apologize for not being present around the blogging community for a wee while and I am now off to catch up on all that I have been missing out on :)


  1. Was only thinking this morning you were MIA!! Funny how the weeks are just flying by at the moment, we are on school hols now, the kids are all tired so hopefully some sleeping in and swims at the beach will fill our days for the next couple of weeks. Then it will be the crazy run up to the C word (Christmas) :)

  2. Welcome back, I'm so jealous of your cauli. I think I planted mine too late, I'm still learning [the hard way] but my herbs are coming on, in fact I've had to water my seedlings with the wind and warmer weather.

  3. I thought you must have been busy with something! Sounds like it's all been productive and it's time for a wee break. cheers Wendy


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