Monday, 12 September 2011

My Favourite Chocolate Cake/Muffins

So last night in a flurry of dinner activity I came to the point in my routine where I assess the baking in the cupboard and get some started for the tins and lunches if I need to.  The coconut loaf was nearly gone so I needed to make something.  Hmmm open the fridge and what am I nearly out of?? BUTTER!! My goodness how can I, the 'baking queen'  according to DH be out of butter?? Oh wait I let DH loose in the kitchen this weekend, that's how I'm nearly out of butter :) mmmm he made some yummy treats though so it was worth it.  

Anyway, for the times such as these when I have no butter or even no eggs I always turn to my old faithful Chocolate Cake recipe.  This is butter and egg free so it's perfect. This is my all time favourite Chocolate Cake recipe.  I also turn it into muffins for little treats as well :) This recipe produces a beautifully moist and tasty cake/muffins.  Team it up with some chocolate icing and Bob's your Uncle you have quick yummy treats sorted.

I was given this recipe about 4 years ago by a friend I used to go to Playcentre with so I don't know where the recipe originated from. It's a fabulous activity to do with the kids (my boys were making this cake as soon as they could stand at our little table I'd move into the kitchen so around 2yrs) and you can even make it like a volcano for a bit of a science experiment as well :) (I'll do this post another time)

Crazy Chocolate Cake (the normal way :))

1 1/2 cups of Flour
1/2 teaspoon of Salt
1 cup of Sugar
1/4 cup of Cocoa
1 teaspoon of Baking Soda
5 tablespoons of Oil
1 tablespoon of White Vinegar
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence
1 cup of Cold Water

In a bowl using a whisk, beaters or in the food processor, combine all the sifted dry ingredients.  Mix them all together and then add the oil, vinegar and vanilla essence.  Give it a little mix and slowly add the water mixing it through well to form a smooth but slightly runny batter (yes you can beat this cake batter without any worries).  Pour it into your greased and lined cake tin or greased muffin tins and bake at 180degC for approx 30 mins as a cake or 13mins for muffins.  It's cooked when a skewer comes out clean.  This recipe does not rise a huge amount as a cake, so if I am making this as a special cake I will bake two and then sandwich them together with Ganachè, or I triple the recipe and bake it in a roasting pan so I can have an extra large cake or so I can cut it into shapes to create some awesome birthday/celebration cakes (or rather so DH can create some awesome birthday cakes :) ) This cake can be made the day or night before you need to cut and ice it and it doesn't crumble very much, in fact I have been known to make it on the day it needs to be cut into shapes and iced and it still worked fine.

Super Easy!! Super Yummy!!

White Chocolate Icing

To Ice these, I melt in a bowl in the microwave a handful of white chocolate buttons and a tiny chunk of the butter.(less than 25gms).  I buzz this for 15second intervals stirring well in between each until the chocolate and butter is melted together. Don't stress if you over do it and it goes grainy - yes I have been there many times which is how I came to make this recipe up :)  once it's all melted stir in a slosh of cream and then using desert spoon fulls at a time of sifted icing sugar, mix until it's at the right consistency for you.  Adding the icing sugar allows you to make real chocolate icing without having to use lots of chocolate as it makes it go further.  It also gives a nice consistency to pipe or spread.  When it sets, it sets firm and holds its shape, but its not a hard icing when you eat it. You could make this using milk chocolate if you wanted.  

To last nights icing I also added some strawberry essence, red food colouring and a touch of blue food colouring to give a hint of strawberry flavour a some colour.  I then piped it using an old snaplock back with the corner nipped off onto the muffins.  Yummy! A nice little treat for Master 5's and DH's lunches.


  1. That's a double treat I reckon. I can remember when my boys would love to help me bake, particularly when it came to licking the beaters. Would love to see the kids faces after tackling one of those muffins. Look forward to seeing the volcano.

  2. Well have to try these now too! Had the Mexican Beef, we did Beans as its meatless Monday in our house...Yummo thanks so much for sharing xx

  3. i made these and i think they are now my favorite recipe, chocolate cake, Charlotte.C

  4. Hey Ladies, been a while! Glad you like this recipe Charlotte


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