Monday, 12 September 2011

My 'New' Sewing Machine

Because of my flu/sinus infection I have had the past few weeks, my blogging (as I'm sure you have noticed) has slowed down somewhat.  I had to give some time to me.  I feel I am now somewhat back to normal and have been back to dreaming up posts and taking loads of photos to share :)  This post needed to be written a few weeks ago right when I came down with the bug, but alas it has patiently waited until now :)

One of the things I had on my wishlist to get was a sewing machine.  I have never owned one and when I have done the limited amount of sewing I have done, it's always just hand sewing.  I had a few items on my list to make like some waterproof overlay sheets for Master 5's bed, and so I started looking at Trade Me for sewing machines going cheap.  DH can fix most things electrical so I went after the auctions that were super cheap because they had something wrong with them.  In the end it was my close friend who mentioned her Mum was selling her old machine as she had upgraded, and asked if I wanted it...would I what!!! So I had saved some of my pocket money and DH donated some of his pocket money to the cause and I now proudly own for the grand total of $50.00 a new to me sewing machine :) It is awesome and I am becoming more confident each time I use it (the last time I used a sewing machine was in highschool, but its amazing how much comes flooding back).  It did cost more than I wanted to pay but given the fact that it was my friend's Mum's machine I knew it would have been well looked after and that to me justified the extra cost. 

Super Machine!! think it was made in the 70's

I have surprised myself with what I have been able to make.  I have never felt myself very good at crafting things but I think I doubt myself a little even if I do say so myself :)

This was a cape I had made for myself nearly 5 years ago for a dress up day at Playcentre (sorry pictures are the wrong way, I'm to tired to try and sort it out right now :) ).  The boys loved to get it out and wear it but it was always far to big and they constantly fought over it so the first thing I did with my new sewing machine was to cut it in half and make it into two capes.  It went off without a hitch, although the second one is still waiting to be done :)

The next thing, was a biggie for me.  Master 5yrs has just started wetting the bed (thinking it's just settling into school that has bought it on and it's only sporadic).  A friend had told me about these sheets you can get called Brolly Sheets.  They are like half sheets with a waterproof backing, that you put on the bed just in the area they sleep on.  Then when they wet it only wets that sheet and not the underneath so it avoids constantly changing sheets and bedding, you just take the brolly sheet off and thats it.  At $40 each though I wasn't getting one of them.  When a search on trade me turned up none, I set about thinking about how to make one myself.  In the opshop I managed to find two cot protectors and a cute little white and blue checked sheet - Bingo!! The plan was to cut the sheet and sew it onto the mattress protectors and then I would have a homemade version of a brolly sheet, oh and at a fraction of the price! It cost me $6 all up for the 3 items to make two of them.  So it took a while to figure out the best way to do it, but I got there in the end :)

This is the last thing I have been working on.  I had this fabulous idea to make my close friend's little girl a birthday present for her 5th birthday that's around the corner.  I didn't want to just go and buy another gift, I didn't know if making something would save money but it would come from the heart with love. Great idea.....but just what to make with my limited sewing ability?? I came up with the idea of a bag, she could either use it for school, as an overnight bag for sleepovers or just as a general use bag...I mean come on, a girl can never have to many bags right?? :)  So my friend and I headed to spotlight and found some pink and purple material for the bag, and I found the pattern online.  But not wanting to jump right into making the bag, I found an old sheet and towel and did a practice run using these.  I am ever so proud at achieving this.  It's the first big thing I have sewn before and there is only some minor tweaking to be done to the real one when I get around to making it this week.  The pattern I used came from this amazing blog here: 

So there you have it, I have gone from very limited ability crafter to someone who can follow a pattern online and make a bag ;) go me!!  I'm sure there will be many more sewing photos to come in the future :)

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  1. WOW! For your first sewing by machine you are doing AWESOME!!!! I'm currently work on 4 sets of PJ's for two little nephews.


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