Friday, 9 September 2011

On My Mind - Rugby World Cup Fever

Joining in today with Rhonda at Down to Earth with the Friday Feature - On My Mind, where we all share a photo and something on our minds :)

Well dare I say it, we have been hit with the excitement of the Rugby World Cup starting in this little country of ours.  We barely watch Rugby in our house I must confess we aren't huge fans at all. Although we do keep an eye on the big games with the All Blacks, and when growing up I have fond memories of getting to stay up late with my parents and watch the All Blacks play, but it's not a huge passion of ours.
There has been a certain amount of dread as to the impact on our day to day lives with everyone over here in NZ, particularly with my DH's work which is doing a big profile roll out nation wide which is somewhat complicated by the World Cup.  However at school they have had to put the Rugby World Cup into the curriculum so Master 5 has been coming home the past few weeks talking about it and we watched his excitement build the closer we have gotten to this time.  Today was a big day at school and the children and teachers supported the All Blacks by going in mufti and wearing black clothes.  You should have seen it! the excitement among the children was just a buzz to watch :)

So tonight with Master 5 having talked about it all afternoon and trying to explain to him that we didn't need to be at the actual game to be able to shout for the All Blacks in support (how to get a 5 year old to understand the Rugby culture of just shouting at the boys through the TV?? didn't go to well lol) we let the boys stay up to watch the opening ceremony, and we were blown away! What an awesome ceremony, very befitting to New Zealand.  An immense sense of pride over came us, as we watched our culture being shared with all who was taking part.  What an awesome celebration for our country and all the countries taking part.

All settled in and awaiting Kick off between the All Blacks and Tonga
 This then led into the kick off for the first game with the All Blacks playing Tonga.  The boys were just a buzz with excitement so with a promise of having a nap tomorrow we let them stay up to watch the first half.  Wow they thought this was pretty special.  What delight it was to hear their questions and see them soaking their first rugby game up, just like I remember doing as a child.  Very precious.

So for a family not so into Rugby we all sit on the edge of our seats and watch with immense pride as our boys in Black play the first game and open the next 6 weeks of rugby fever in our country.  Now we await to see who will will tonight's game :)

Way to go All Blacks..Way to go!!! Proud to be a Kiwi


  1. The rugby is on tv here but at the moment we are watching the AFL (Australian football League) as it is the finals too.

    There is a lot of talk about this game, hope your team wins :)

    Somehow I have missed some of your posts so will go now and catch up. I see you have been unwell, hope you are feeling better now...

  2. Looks like a cosy set up you have there to watch the rugby. It's now Sunday so I guess you're either happy or sad at the outcome. Hopefully, you're happy. You can probably tell I don't know much about football or rubgy.

  3. The All Blacks won so very happy :) It was a very cosy night watching the game Chris :) hmmm I don't know much either so keep asking DH what's happening etc lol. Hope you ladies have had a lovely weekend and thanks for popping by :)


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