Sunday, 30 October 2011

Domestic Bliss

I am in love with this weekend :) It is just my kind of weekend, nice and slow with some awesome projects to sink my teeth into.  Yesterday we had a day out cruising the shops as we had a few things to get.  I went out in search of bark and stones at The Warehouse.  I couldn't find any but I did however come across these little plants all at seriously reduced prices (perhaps had something to do with the state of them, but oh well, bargain shopping is good shopping) - I mean a 6 cell lettuce pack at .17cents, and a coriander plant at .47cents, just crazy!  Ok so maybe they are a bit small and in need of some TLC but that I can give them.  After a little bit of fertiliser, some days in the sun and a good amount of water they'll all be as good as new again. I also found some Alyssum and Daisy plants and found 3 gorgeous little patio roses to add to my collection in the garden, and they were only $2.95 each, and there is nothing wrong with these roses, so they are straight into the garden today :)  

Bargain Plants

I have quite a few seedlings to be planted out today and I need to move my super producing strawberries into the other clam shell so they can have some room to spread out and we can suitably net them.  So far we have only eaten one of the strawberries and had to throw countless rotten/eaten ones away, so I am determined to fix that today!

All the seedlings I have grown (and the few that I have rescued from the shops), most of these are now ready for their permanent homes in the garden.

Then it was onto spotlight.  I had in my mind a friends birthday gift that I want to make (details later after her birthday :) ), also with the boys swimming starting this week, I thought some swimming/tog bags would be handy, and I have been wanting to make some sandwhich wraps for a while. So MrW and Master 4 helped me trawl through spotlight to find suitable fabrics and accessories.  So I have some sewing to do later today :) I also found some circular knitting needles at $4 each, I got them as I don't have any yet and most of the patterns I would like to try call for circular needles.  I gave the start of a hat a go last night, I ended up breaking one of the needles as I was swapping the tubing around to change sizes where the pattern called for, and I cast on to many stitches (thought I was outsmarting the pattern lol), so that got unravelled but at least I have a feel for it now and will follow the pattern properly next time - oh and I will make doubly sure it's not twisted lol.

Fabric fun!
Well time to head off and start getting into all these activities, MrW has just plonked a coffee down in front of me so it's off to the deck to enjoy my coffee and sunshine then into the garden.  What are you up to this weekend?

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