Monday, 10 October 2011

In the Garden

I have spent the last 4 days in the garden.  I closed the door on the house and left DH just to potter around and tidy up (well yesterday was Bathurst so not much got done, although I did get a yummy Eggs Bene for lunch) while I got stuck into the garden and got a few things done that have been on my list to do.  I still have a bit to go but I'm feeling much happier now :)

This is the garden bed by our bedroom deck.  I forgot to take a before photo, but basically I ripped all the old big succulents out, tidied it up, put in some cuttings from my favourite Cape daisies, and a few other plants, then laid down some Coffee Chaff to help fend off the weeds. Coffee chaff is the husks from the outside of coffee beans that are discarded in the roasting process - love having DH in the Coffee Industry!
I was given a load of strawberry runners by my neighbour.  I already have a container full of strawberries on the deck so when I was making the worm farm the other day, I dragged this old paddling pool/sandpit out and drilled some holes in the bottom, filled it with compost and soil and planted the runners.  This is them today, looking pretty healthy in their new home and some nice little flowers coming up :) should be easy enough to cover with netting when they are fruiting as well.

Yummy! Our first strawberry of the season, nearly ripe enough to pick. (This is one from my other strawberry container).
A big mess!
These grass plants have been bugging me since we moved in.  They are so untidy!
So the only thing for it was to rip them out.  Ahh feel better now :) I planted in their place a Lupin and a Geranium (which is meant to be the biggest geranium and is a bi-annual so should flower next year).
I also tidied up this front part of the bed and moved one of my Cape Daisy's to here. It has gone all leggy trying to find more sun in the place where it was. I will let the flowers die off and prune it back to encourage it to bush up again.  Now everytime I leave or enter the house I can admire it's beautiful flowers :)  All I need now to complete the bed is some more Coffee Chaff which I'll hopefully get tonight or tomorrow.  p.s Love the shadows on this one :)
I've had this old trough in my line of sight for some time.  When we moved in it lived by the gate with some really yucky Dizzy Lizzie's in it, so I stripped them out, dug out the soil, moved it to the deck, put the soil back in it with some compost and I now have a herb trough :) I have moved my Oregano and Thyme into it, that I had in a smaller container, planted some basil seeds and given a new home to the curly leaf parsley plant my friend C gave me.  I had some root cuttings of the Oregano and Thyme from the move so gave them to my neighbour and friend's C and M for their gardens.  Such a nice feeling to be able to give out some treasures from my garden :)

All the happenings on my deck :) My new herb trough, Rosemary bush, Mint, Carrot buckets, Italian Parsley, Strawberry container and all my seedlings.  

We decided to do a spot of Tree Climbing :)

Yes that's me up in the tree with the boys...what Monkey's we were :)
Some Tomato plants my neighbour gave me, I've popped them in as my first lot until my seedlings are ready to be planted out to follow these.
I've saved some framing from the vege patch and moved it here to become my pumpkin bed.
Moved some brassica's to make some space, loving the garden taking shape.
I thought this ground would be to hard for growing veges on it's own without being raised up with new soil and compost, but I took to it with a garden fork and to my surprise I was able to,  with a bit of elbow grease, turn it over.   So I'll add a few bags of compost and we'll be set to use it as is :) I plan on using it for Spuds and the Raspberry canes and Blackberry I have.
And today I put in the Raspberries and Blackberry plants.
Looking good, even if I do say so myself :)
Our whole vege patch.  I can just imagine in a few months time it being rich with growth, fruiting beautifully and nourishing our family.  The fence and trellis will be covered with climbing Cucumbers, Beans and Peas, and the bed rich with colour :)

The rain has arrived tonight, just in time to give everything a really good watering. I hope you've enjoyed the tour around my place with me :)

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