Friday, 14 October 2011

Off for the Weekend, Getting Crafty and a Gift with Love

 Joining in with Rhonda at Down to Earth with Friday's ON MY MIND post

I'm am SO EXCITED! MrW and I are getting to have some time away this weekend.  We haven't had a weekend away from home on our own since 2009, so it's well due :)
A few months back we were invited to one of MrW's staff which is being held up in the far North.  We've worked on building up our holiday fund so that we could manage to go as it's at a Resort up there and not cheap, and everything was looking good  for our plans a few weeks back. The boys were going to stay at Grandma and Grandad's for the weekend and we'd drop them off on the way, I used my allowance and had found a gorgeous little dress at a Designer second hand clothes shop in town for 1/4 of what it would have cost originally (my bargain and treat for myself for September was this dress at $60), my friend had lent me a wrap that complimented the dress perfectly, and all I needed were to drag my old shoes out to see if I could fix them or inevitably buy some new ones (shoes are just one thing I won't get second hand, but that's just me personally).  Then of course Chicken Pox hit, and it hit hard! 
We were getting ready to cancel our weekend away :( with Master 5 being quite unwell and waking constantly during the night, but come Thursday morning which was DDay for making the call, Master 5 had slept through and although still had a high temp he was chatty and seemed liked he's come to the other side of the bad part.  So we've decided to go up still, Grandma and Grandad will just come here instead so Master 5 doesn't need to drive 3 hours and get all itchy in his booster seat.

What perfect timing actually, just in time for us to have a break and re-coup a bit of energy in preparation for Master 4 coming down with the Pox next week.

So yesterday I was running around trying to sort things out for it (and of course doing what I can to not spend much money), I didn't want to buy new shoes, they were just missing some diamantes off the straps - so I went to The Warehouse and found a little packet of them in the scrapbooking isle and got some craft glue and fixed them last night - it cost me $7.00 as opposed to $40 or so to buy some new ones :)

Diamantes that have come off. there are quite a few missing

Repair supplies

Almost like new again :)

While I was there I happened upon these little glass beads that matched the wrap I am using, so I got them to make myself a necklace and matching bracelet to wear (I had totally forgotten about jewelry).  A long time ago I got into making my own jewelry and had some things for it in an old box somewhere, so I dug that box out and found some old black beads that was once a necklace that broke, so they will work perfectly on the necklace and bracelet.  I'll make it tonight or tomorrow at the hotel.

$10 for supplies to make a necklace and bracelet, not bad I thought :)

Amazing what you keep and store away over time, these will come in handy

Lastly yesterday was my Mother-in-law's birthday.  I had been planning for weeks that I would make her an Apron and I just hadn't gotten around to it with everything going on.  I had found some scrap material at the op shop I was going to make a practice one with but that's still hanging over the back of the chair.  We have a lovely little fabric shop in town which specialise in patchworking fabrics, so I went in there and asked for some help :) and came out with these two materials and strap. 

And last night with the help of one of my aprons as a guide I made this for her

Pheww I was so relieved when I finished it and I'm really proud to say it worked :)

Happy Birthday to K my MIL, we all love you and really appreciate everything you do for us.  I hope you like your gift that has been made just for you :)

I hope you enjoy your weekend.  I'll see you when we're back from our mini break :)

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  1. Have a great time! I'm sure your MIL will love that apron, it's gorgeous. cheers Wendy


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