Sunday, 2 October 2011

Our First Calf Club

So I haven't gotten around to posting about this yet so thought I had better soon, last weekend was Master 5's Calf Club day at school.  For those not familiar over here in NZ, rural schools around the country hold calf club days.  Basically its a big school event and every student participates.  You either raise a Calf, Lamb or Chicken (from a chick), or you can take a pet ranging from pigs, goats, cats, rabbits, birds, dogs, fish etc. Some schools hold vegetable growing competitions or technology projects, and every class has artwork pieces they create to display.  It's all about how you've raised you animal and there are prizes awarded for the best animals, veges, artwork etc in each category.  Our school also expects diaries to be kept as part of the lead up, so for 6 weeks before hand when everything starts gearing up and most baby animals are being raised a diary is kept about all the things that are done to raise a healthy specimen :)  It's all great fun but a super dupa load of work! On the day there is also baking stalls, morning tea stalls, variety of other food stalls and a cake competition for Father's and Grandfathers, so lots of participation is require by all.

We decided for Master 5 this year he could take his pet fish, well not much can be done with a pet fish but we managed to pull it off and create a diary.  On the morning of the big day we quickly took some of the water out of the tank and I had an old oxygen shell sitting in the cupboard so I popped that into the tank and gave Master 5 a quick run down of what it did, more because he was hanging off my coat tails wanting to know, but anyway this paid off in the end.  Apparently when it was judging time (I missed this as I was on duty at the morning tea stall :( ) he took the judge by the hand and led her over to the tank and told her all about his fish and what he does to take care of her and also spieled off what I had told him an hour earlier about the oxygen shell and how it worked.  I was so proud to hear this, but even prouder than my boy won 1st Place and a big red ribbon!  
Working on his fish diary

We also did the vege growing challenge, which was to grow beans.  I have never ever grown beans before! what a pilaver! We planted 4 of them into an ice cream container, sat them on the deck in a sunny spot and kept them watered - this did not work! We only had one bean grow so 3 weeks out from calf club, we dutifully went back to the office for 3 more beans.  This time we planted them in yoghurt pots and sat them on the sunny windowsill - success! it was a bit hairy hoping they would grow in time but alas we got to calf club day and had 4 beans for Master 5 to proudly take off to be judged.  He got a Merit ribbon for participation which he was very proud of :)  We have since learnt a better way to encourage quick germination and that is to put them in the hot water cupboard - I have tried it out with the spring vege seedlings and it's brilliant so next year if we do bean growing again we should have the best beans ever!  but of course it's not about the winning is it ;)

Working on his bean diary with Dad

The day before the big day :)

I made these cute little cupcakes for the baking stall, they were sold within half an hour or so I am told.  They were a very yummy looking treat!

DH entered the Father's cake competition and spent tireless hours the night before creating this awesome creation, he won 3rd Place!! I was doubly proud of my 2 boys! The bonus was he won a $50 voucher from Mitre 10 so the vege garden can get finished off now for free which is fantastic, and just in time to for the seedlings to be planted out soon.
Massive baking day, 7 batters made up for this lot

The dragon in the making

My very clever DH

Last minute touches

 We had such an awesome time at our first school calf club day.  We now know what we will do differently for next year...and next year we will have Master 4 in school as well so it is going to be doubly busy.  But what great fun! So this is the reason why my blog has slipped a bit by the way side but the hype is over now so I'm hoping to be able to get back on track with posting :)

The Wheat Man that Master 5 created in class.  His task for calf club apart from growing it, was to give it a haircut and style the day before calf club

I am so very proud of my little guy, what determination and perseverance he has shown us over the past 6 weeks, and how awesome he won a First Place! :) :) :) oh and I can't forget to say I'm also very proud of DH for creating such an awesome cake creation and all on his own to (it was all his idea to go and hunt out some fondant for his dragon and he came up with a very clever way to make the scales)  :) thanks for the garden money hunny!

My little happy guy

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