Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sweet Minty Treat

As I collected some fresh parsley for my tomato soup on the stove, I saw the big leaves of my mint plant beckoning to me.  You see I have a fond memory from my childhood of picking fresh mint leaves, washing them, and whilst still wet I would coat them in white sugar and devour. Oh the Sweet Minty-ness!
So with Master 5 in bed trying to get some rest after being up all night suffering from the Chicken Pox, I thought I would spoil Master 4 (who is suffering from lack of attention - or so he feels) with a little sweet minty treat, and oh boy did it go down well! :)
Great big smiles and lots of mmmm yumm Mum :)  Yep they sure are mmmmm yummm!! I hope my boys develop this as a fond memory of their childhood :)

On another note the boys got to have the heavenly experience of eating our first strawberry today. It was red, ripe, big and juicy (I may have just snaffled a tiny little nibble, you know we have to quality control these things for our children!).  It bought the first smile to light up Master 5's poor little spotty face :)

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  1. Yay for minty treats and strawberries, sorry to hear about the chicken pox though :(


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