Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Switching to the Breadmaker

I am so appreciative of this choice right now with Master 5 having Chicken Pox and sleep has been a bit of a luxury the last few nights. We're all a bit jagged around the edges, so I thought it was timely to share this little snippet of our choices with you.
Last month when life got super busy around here and we were all a bit unwell, making bread by hand was one of the things we were doing that went by the wayside.  There just wasn't enough energy or time to give to the breadmaking by hand task. We did not buy any bread from the shop, not even once which personally I think is a great achievement for us and am proud of that small achievement as it would have been so easy to go and do. 
We made the choice a while back to make our own bread so we were cutting costs of buying bread and also cutting out the preservatives etc in bought bread. Who can deny the yummy goodness of freshly made bread? What a treat!  What I did do however was set about perfecting recipes for our breadmaker. I mean we have a breadmaker on the shelf collecting dust, it's a perfectly good household machine so why were we not putting it to use? Power to run it may be one thing, but when you weigh up the time the oven is on to heat up and bake the bread, and then the physical time you put into making and rising it, I justify it works the same overall as popping the breadmaker on for a cycle, when I can then get on with the other busy tasks that our household demands. I think it had to do more with mindset.  I read other blogs of people on similar journeys and they all seem to make their bread by hand, even some with busy families. But just because its done in the maker does not mean it's not the same homemade goodness that by hand gives, you use the same ingredients and nothing more, it's just making it using a different tool.
I reflect back sometimes on what Rhonda at Down to Earth puts across very well. My interpretation of this is it doesn't matter how others live their own slowed down, simple and mostly frugal lifestyles, you live yours the way it works for you.  By this I mean just because someone makes every single cleaner for their household themselves does not mean you have to, or if you don't make all your cleaners and buy a few at the shop this does not mean you fail in achieving a simple frugal life (or however you sum up your chosen lifestyle at home).  You live your life according to your means, time, values and energy allowances.  
I have been thinking about this lately as I am slowly working through all the things I have been trying and finding what suits our family/household and what doesn't.  Some of these things I will share a bit more later on as we clarify what we are doing, how we are doing it and why.  One of these being floorcleaner - I cannot for the life of me find a homemade recipe that works on our wooden cork tiles.  Everything I have tried so far just does not work on the floor, from Water and White Vinegar, Baking Soda, Essential Oils and Water, a bit of Olive Oil plus a few other things - it's just left a streaky yucky mess and at one point with one of the mixes it looks like a small portion of the polish has come off - not good.  So DH and I made the decision that we would find a suitable alternative in a natural range at the store that works to clean our floor nicely. For us it's not cheating, it's not negating our lifestyle choice, we still are being 'green' with what we use its just being practical about sorting the floor issue out for me - so I can be at peace with the floor!
Anyway how did I get from Bread to Floors? So there we go, in our house we are choosing to make our bread using our breadmaker, we're not failing at what we are setting about to achieve, we are still eating homemade goodness, I just have an awesome time saving bread maker doing it for me :) I do still make my pizza dough, flat bread, 'fancy' bread and English Muffins by hand, just not our daily loaf of bread.  
Reading back, I hope this makes sense to you, I just wanted to let you know that it's ok to not do everything by the 'book' so to speak. By reading all the blogs I do and I know others read also, it's so easy to sit back and think, oh gosh I'm not doing that - does that mean I need to change another thing about what I am doing? Just remember it's all about your own personal view and what works for you.

Hmmm yes, the Wholegrain took a bit to get it right so it stopped exploding out the top of the maker - but it's all sorted now :)

I love my breadmaker and I'm proud of it!

P.S - Recipes to come :)


  1. You don't have to justify anything you do to any of us! I use my b/maker more often than not too and the bread is always very good. It gives you just a little more time for your family and home and that's that!

  2. You are going the right way with your decisions I feel. It's all about what works best for you and your family.
    I have a breadmaker too and it often just sits for a while till I drag it out again. Everything works in cycles! cheers Wendy

  3. I'm a bread maker user too...I also buy packet biscuits and frozen pies when I don't feel like cooking! You just can't do everything!!!
    Thank you for your kind words on my post yesterday Ruth, I have been rather productive today, I think I just needed to put it out there! :)

  4. Hi ladies, Thankyou for your kind comments. I love making things a bit easier for us around here, and oh boy YUM is the bread that comes out of my machine :) Wendy things sure do go around in cycles don't they, gotta love the way of life! Sue I was sitting here this morning after reading a few things elsewhere and I just had that moment where I felt like perhaps I wanted to find some way to get across that no one way is the right way. Rhonda does it beautifully, I'm not sure I managed it as well as she has in her posts lol, but I'm guessing you'll know what I mean :)
    I felt that I would write this post, as sometimes you read what other people are doing, and you feel like maybe you aren't doing it right. I guess sometimes as a 'newbie' to this simpler way of life you go searching for information and without realising it you can get caught up in a realm of a right way and a wrong way to be setting about doing things. I know I have a few readers that are just getting started as I was a wee while ago, and I guess this post was a way of showing that it doesn't matter how you go about some tasks, everyone achieves them differently and that's ok. You live and go about life as it fits with you and not according to the way another person might say is the way to do some things.

    On another note, I hope you like my new blog face :) I was sitting cuddling my wee boy and thought I would put my idle time with him to some creative use, and my knitting was in the other room, so I gave my blog a 'spring clean' instead :)


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