Monday, 10 October 2011

Time to Up Size - Pots That Is :)

On Thursday when I was outside enjoying the day I said I would post some pics of what I was potting up but didn't quite get around to it, so here they are :)

I have grown from seed (my first attempt at growing everything from seed, apart from the Brocolli and Cauli's in March although I doubted my seed growing skills then and went and also bought seedlings from the plant store) Tomatoes, Tiny Tomatoes, Cucumber, Zuchinni, Marigolds, Beans (from Calf Club though), Capsicums, and Spinach.  I had put my seeds into the hot water cupboard, most of them germinated well and they had grown into good seedlings that needed their own bigger homes, before they find their permanent home in the garden in a few weeks. Only one Capsicum has just poked it's little head through so that got left in the seed raising pot, and there is only one Spinach that has grown out of the 10 seeds I planted, so a few more have gone in.  Unfortunately I suffered from blunder fingers and broke a Cucumber (the healthiest biggest one :(  ) and a Tiny Tomato didn't fare to well either.  

So with this in mind I planted another Cucumber and Tiny Tomato, and finally got around to sowing my Chilli's, Chives and some more Lettuces.

You'll see in my photos the pots I have used are just old milk bottles and soft drink bottles with the tops cut off.  The reason for this is Rhonda at Down to Earth, had just previous to this, posted about potting up her seedlings and she mentioned she liked to put her Tomatoes into long pots to develop good root systems.  I had no long pots, but I did have a heap of milk bottles and such waiting in the shed for recycling so with a bit of cutting and hole making I had the perfect long pots to pot my seedlings into :)

I also planted into a big pot I had, the Rosemary plant my Mum gave me when she was visiting, I think it was one relieved plant to get into a proper pot!

So these are the products of my days work on Thursday in the lovely Spring Sunshine :)  I got up to alot more this weekend and will try and get my gardening efforts up tomorrow for you to see, however I may not quite get there.  Unfortunately on Friday, we had Chicken Pox arrive at our house :( Master 5 missed his last day of term with them, but so far he isn't going to badly with them.  Not covered in them yet but I think he will get there :(

Assorted pots ready to go

Seedlings all in their new temporary homes

New seeds planted and inside the hot water cupboard


  1. Isn't it just the most satisfying thing to grow your own food?
    Did you see Hazel Dene's tip for using kitchen tongs to transplant seedlings...that might work better for you too.

    Hope the spotties are on the really is better to get chicken pox earlier than later.

    Have a great week, all of you,
    Love Sue

  2. Hi Sue, no haven't seen the tip about the tongs, I shall go looking now. Thanks for that :) Spotties are getting pretty bad now, my poor little guy, he's done pretty well up until this avo/evening when he's gone downhill. Hopefully only a few more days and we should pass the worst of it, however his brother will no doubt come down with it next week so we'll be doing it all over again. Thanks for popping by, Regards, Ruth xx


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