Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Wonderful Weekend Away

MrW and I had a wonderful time away when we headed up to the far north this past weekend. We left Auckland City on Friday at 4.30pm and arrived at the Resort at 9.30pm, so it was a long trip, but it was worth it to be able to wake up there on Saturday morning. It meant we were able to do some exploring and relaxing before the wedding.  We enjoyed a walk along the beach and a coffee by the seaside in the morning, and we also managed to fit in time in the spa with a good book each - pure relaxation! I think best of all though the whole trip gave us time to reconnect which is so very very important.  I thought I'd share a few of our 'holiday' snaps :)

Taipa Bay, the Resort where we stayed at is right by this beach, also the view from the cafe

We went for a nice long walk to the end of this stretch

Rangiputa Beach
It's a tad windy, but this is the dress I got for $60 from the designer second hand shop, it was so comfortable and apparently looked really nice :) I borrowed the wrap from a friend, the jewelry I made the night before, and my shoes are the one's I fixed by gluing on new diamantes.  I also cannot believed I danced the whole night in those heals!

This is Rangiputa Beach where the ceremony was held, you can see the gathering of people right down the far end.  What a beautiful ceremony it was :)

We enjoyed a wonderful time, we caught up with some of MrW's old work friends who came as well, lots of laughter and joking around, a fair bit of wine and we danced the night away!  Great medicine for the soul :)

On the way home on Sunday we decided to have a quick stop at Mangonui and have a coffee.

MrW at the Baker Man Cafe.
Enjoying the peace and quiet

This is the view we had of the water from the cafe.  We loved the walk along the board walk.

Time to head home.

I must say even though it was a fantastic time away, I was really ready to head home by the end of it.

Home Sweet Home!


  1. Well done! Lovely post, great photos of you both, your outfit is just beautiful and can be worn again. Glad you had a little break from the children and had time to yourselves. TFS

  2. It definitely looks like lots of happy memories were made.

  3. Hi Ladies, thanks for your lovely comments. We had a wonderful time. It was so nice to just take time for just the two of us....and have an excuse to get all dressed up :) Regards, Ruth xx


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