Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Worm Farm

I have had this on my list of things to do and finally I was able to get the things I needed to make one up.  I have been wanting a way to reduce our household food waste (not that we have much to start with) and also to create something that could be re-used in some way to recycle our waste.  The two common things were either compost bin or worm farm.  The worm farm won out as a good place to start as it's also something the boys will get some fun out of...being boys and having a fascination with all bugs and creepy crawlies :)  I had found a book at the library with an easy worm farm and some tips on what to put in it etc, so we got to it the other day.  I am very lucky my friend C's Mum has an established worm farm so I was able to get some worms to start from her.  Although I may be going back for some more as I don't think I got quite enough for the size of our worm farm container.  I didn't realise how much it costs to buy worms, I found out it would have been about $30 for the smallest amount, so a huge Thankyou to C and her Mum!

Blocks in the bottom container

I got handy with my drill and made some holes in the top container for the worm wee to drain out into the bottom container
Homemade worm farm, cost me $12 all up for the two boxes
Master 5 did all this paper shredding, then Master 4 decided to join in

The base paper fills the box to half way being lightly scrunched
Dampening the paper down, you don't want it to wet though!
Worm Food. Apparently worms like smaller food so we chopped it up because they obviously don't have teeth!
We gave them some crushed up egg shells and some coffee grounds which they love the book said - but it needs to be limited lol...maybe I should take the worm man's advice about limiting the coffee!

Paper, then worms, then food, egg shells and coffee..a lovely pile!

A little more shredded newspaper, dampened and placed on top to keep them moist and cosy

And there you have it, a homemade worm farm

I can't wait to have it take off and produce our first round of worm tea :)  If any one has a worm farm and has tips and tricks to share, I'd love to hear them!


  1. WORMS, DIRT, PAPER SHREDDING, What more could a couple of BOYS ask for!!! Your garden will love it too... No worm farm here, My chooks get all my scraps and I use their manure for garden fertiliser.

  2. They had FABULOUS fun! I would love a couple of chooks but with renting we can't have any unfortunately :( The worms will have to suffice for now :) Thanks for popping by my blog :)


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