Monday, 28 November 2011

AWOL and an Introduction to Monday: Baking Day

Hi Everyone! Wow as you no doubt have found I have been absent of late from posting. School, kindy and all the runnings of the house and garden has meant no time for anything else. We decided things were getting to crazy around here, so this past weekend MrW and I packed up the boys and camping gear and braved the slightly yucky weather and took ourselves away from it all for three nights, oh what bliss! I will post some photos soon of our time away :). We found quite a secluded campground called Taapapakanga an hour from home, and one we will definitely keep on our list as a regular place to visit. 
 But it's back to reality for the last few weeks of term and I must say I am really looking forward to slowing right down for 6 weeks or so of summer holidays. 
 As for my blog I am still creating a long list of posts I would like to share, which I hope to slowly work on. For now though I thought I would start my own little themed feature series. It's reminiscent of an old saying over here called Monday: Baking Day (a Farmbake cookies advert from when I was growing up), every Monday in my kitchen there is always baking in the oven (in fact there is some in there right now :) ). 
Every Monday I will feature a Monday: Baking Day post with a recipe of something scrummy my being baked in my kitchen. I hope you like them, and feel free join in and link back to these posts with a baking recipe of your own from your blog. 

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  1. What a great idea. I'd love to join in next week. I've just added a couple of new to me thrifted cookbooks to the collection, so I shall have plenty of inspiration for sure. x


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