Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Busy Busy

It's been a busy few days in the garden and kindy and school activities, sometimes its hard to keep up!  On Sunday I ended up tearing out the huge weeds and rusted old meshing on the back fence line - talk about a mission! looks good now though :)

I forgot to take a before photo but this photo was taken about 4 weeks ago. You can see in the top corner the weeds coming through, the whole fence line was like this and more had grown before I started cleaning it up. Only problem was there is a fence line to the farm running parallel to ours, with enough space to stand in between, so I was able to get in there, but the fence was live and I kept getting whacked when I bumped it!
All cleaned up.  I put the fruiting strawberries into the second blue clamshell and they are now protected with some netting.  Now I just have a big pile of garden waste to get rid of soon!

Grow my prettys' :)
The first Raddish :) it was so yummy in the salad that we had for tea

Both MrW and I were so tired on Sunday from the days efforts so I took leftovers, veges and some fish and made a Made Up Fish Pie and salad :)  Turned out yummy considering I had no idea what it would taste like lol. I originally started out making Salmon Cakes, however I couldn't be bothered making breadcrumbs, so I made pastry instead and made a pie...go figure ;) I'll post the recipe for how I made it soon, I think they Made Up Fish Pie will appear again on our menu :)

And then on Sunday night I made this swimming bag for Master 5's swimming lessons.  He was really happy with it and I must say I was pretty proud of it to. I've lined it with a double layer of Nylon material so it should hopefully be waterproof enough so it doesn't get his school bag all wet.  I'm making another one this week for Master 4 so I'm hoping to be able to make up a tutorial on how to make one.

Righto time to take Master 4 to kindy :) Hope your all having a great day, I'll hopefully get some recipes up soon :)

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