Monday, 14 November 2011

Easy Cleaning Solutions

As I cleaned my bathroom and dishwasher today I thought I must do a post on what I use to do this. It's very frugal and cost effective, it's so easy, does not use harmful chemicals, and is completely safe for the environment and little ones, above all it's just SIMPLE.  I like SIMPLE :)

All I use to do all of my cleaning are these...........

I use my Homemade Laundry Liquid with my scrubbing sponge (I buy these yellow scrubbing sponges once every year or two, they get soaked every now and then in vinegar and water and they only cost about $3.00NZ to buy) for all surfaces needing a clean, like the shower walls, sinks, the bath and I use it on the surrounds of the dishwasher.  
The toothbrush is there for the little places I can't get to with my scrubbing sponge.  
The green Microfibre cloth I use with just plain water to clean mirrors and windows.  
The white vinegar is there to wipe over surfaces if I want to disinfect them or if there is any mold that needs to be treated (you apply neat white vinegar to the mold spots).
The baking soda is there if something needs a little 'jif' action.  Once a month or so I give the shower walls, bath and sink a good scrub with a paste made of baking soda and water, and the rest of the time I only use the laundry liquid cleaner as this is all it really needs to keep on top of it.  
Really quick, easy and CHEAP! I love that I no longer have to shop in the chemical filled cleaning isle - well apart from getting Lux Flakes and Washing Soda once every month or two.
All of these 'cleaners' are grey water safe and septic tank safe, so there is no harm to the environment/water ways sending these down the drain. There is no worry about a product being toxic for little ones and I also get contact dermatitis on my hands and since going back to these natural and green cleaners I don't get irritated hands anymore - bliss!

To clean the toilet all I use is some of the Laundry liquid squirted around the bowl and scrubbed with the brush and I use my homemade 'Spray N Wipe' on the toilet seat.  The Lavender or Tea Tree Essential Oils that I use in the solution are anti-bacterial.

The dishwasher....

First of all, forget all those expensive Dishwasher cleaners, when the dishwasher is empty, fill the powder compartment full with Baking Soda and run through on a long cycle.

You can see a little of the grime built up around the seals and edges, using the Laundry Liquid I use my toothbrush and scrubber and scrub all the grime away. Then rinse it away using a wet cloth.  Empty and wash out the filter and Bob's your Uncle you have a clean dishwasher that used a little elbow grease but cost next to nothing.

I'm passionate about this subject, I can't help it :)   
There is no need for the vast range of commercial cleaning products, sure some have their uses, but on the whole they are expensive and are not kind to the environment and in some cases not even kind to humans or animals! All it takes is a few minutes every now to make up bulk batches of homemade laundry liquid and Spray and Wipe.

In a frugal home or a home looking to be frugal this is a big way you can cut costs, I mean everyone has baking soda and vinegar in the pantry right??


  1. Great post Ruth!

    You have it right about those horrible chemicals that people use in their homes...I have been wondering whether these chemicals could be contributing to the allergies and asthma problems that are getting worse in young children...

    Those are my favourite things to use too :)

  2. Oh baking soda for the dishwasher...fantastic, so simply I too like the simple!! Guess what Im doing tomz!!


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