Monday, 7 November 2011

Frugal Homemade Laundry Liquid (and Multipurpose Cleaner)

Recently I feel like every week I am making up more batches of washing powder, there seems to be ALOT of washing going on in our house - alot more than normal that is.  I have come across numerous recipes for homemade Laundry Liquid but I haven't wanted to try them up until now that is.  
The reason for this is I remember my Mum using Budget Laundry Liquid from the supermarket, it smelt funny and left a residue on my clothes that even at a young age I didn't like the feel of, so it kind of put me off wanting to try any because of this...silly I know lol.
But given that I am wanting to try and stretch the dollar as far as I can I thought I had better get over myself and my Laundry Liquid fears and try some out.  I'm not really into using Borax personally so I hunted out this recipe from Hazeltree Farm, and it works brilliantly!  No residue at all and the clothes come out smelling fresh and looking clean, so I'm now converted as this makes up just over 5 litres so will go a lot further than the washing powder does.  
The other bonus is I have used it for cleaning down the bath, basin, shower and laundry tub and they came up shining and beautifully clean so it works as a general cleaner as well.  I have a bottle on my laundry window ledge that I have always kept with watered down dishwashing liquid in for cleaning things in the laundry tub, but instead of using dishwashing liquid now I just use a good couple of globs of this Laundry Liquid watered down, you just have to give it a shake before you use it......very handy for cleaning the boys paint brushes!

This recipe is Septic Tank and Grey Water safe :)

Laundry Liquid 

1/2 cup Lux Flakes or Grated Soap (preferably homemade soap or a natural based soap, but a bar of Sunlight soap will pass the test as well)
1/4 cup Washing Soda Crystals
30 drops of Essential Oil - Optional  (I use Lavender but any would work, especially Tea Tree or Eucalyptus)
Hot tap Water 
8 Litre bucket
5 litre Bottle or old bottles (I use an old dishwasher powder bottle as my dispensing bottle and used old Soda bottles to store the rest in)
Funnel, an old pot and a whisk

In your old pot put the Lux Flakes/ Grated Soap and 3/4 fill the pot with hot tap water.  Over a medium heat stir the mix until the Soap has completely dissolved.
Add the Washing Soda and again stir until completely dissolved.  It may thicken slightly at this point, although mine didn't but it did once it was cold.
Remove from the heat and in the laundry tub tip the soap/washing soda mix into the bucket, add enough hot tap water to the bucket until it is just over half full, stirring well.
Let cool in the bucket stirring occasionally.  Once it's cooler, add your Essential Oil if you choose to use any (I found I also add a little more Essential Oil into the wash as well as it doesn't come out overly scented, but the Laundry Liquid is pleasant enough on its own if your not into scented laundry).
Using your funnel pour the mixture into your bottles and leaving the lid off, let it cool completely.  When cool pop on the lid.

Shake really well before each use as it thickens up when sitting.  Use 1/4 cup of Laundry Liquid per full load (I have one of the little scoops from the commercial powder that I saved which is the perfect size).

Make sure the soap and washing soda is completely dissolved
All good to go

NOTES - I use White Vinegar in the fabric dispenser when I am washing towels or linen, this isn't necessary at all but I used to be a fabric softener user and some habits are hard to break :), but this softens the towels down beautifully. 
Depending on which soap you use, if you feel like there is a residue left on the clothes, use some White Vinegar in the Fabric Dispenser as this will cut through any residue.
If you spill something on your clothes, just rub some of the laundry liquid straight into the stain before washing, or soak in a bucket with some liquid mixed into the water.
If the boys have had an accident in their clothes I just sprinkle a bit of baking soda in with the wash if the clothes are going straight in the wash and they come out smelling fresh.  Or if I need to soak the wet clothes I do it with the laundry liquid soaker with baking soda added to the water. 


  1. This homemade laundry soap is becoming very popular, and why not it is so much cheaper than the bought stuff.

    I have been making homemade laundry soap for about three years now. I use it most times when washing but still use "drive" every now and again to brighten things up...

    I made liquid hand soap from left over bits of soap too. I still haven't been brave enough to make my own soap though! One day, one day...

  2. That sounds easy enough,I agree not into borax. Is this ok to use in the front loader machones? Thanks

  3. Hi Jen R, sorry about the delay in responding to your question, I only have a top loading machine so cannot say for sure whether it would work ok. Although MrW says it should work ok, and a little research via google seems to conclude it should work ok but you need to use LESS liquid than with a top loading machine. I know my laundry powder is used by some people in their front loaders but have not had any feedback or read anything on the liquid being used. Sorry this probably doesn't really answer your question. Thanks for visiting :) Regards, Ruth


Hiya, thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. I can't wait to read your comments and to share ideas, I am a busy mummy with 2 boys to run around after so I will try and get to comments as quickly as I can...if there is a delay in seeing them published this is why, not because I don't care, I'm just taking some time to smell the roses :)

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