Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Apron

I am proud to say I have finally finished my own apron today complete with a ruffle fringe on the bottom :) I have made a few things now, including some aprons for gifts, but before this, nothing was for myself.  I have just been making up my aprons from one of my own and I totally forgot to look on the net for instructions on how to make the ruffle but eventually I got there under my own creating steam and I think it passes the test :)

I found the grey/black material for $1 at the thrift shop and then went and chose the fat quarter of this patterned material and the straps, so I produced this for a grand total of $9.00 :)


  1. WONDERFUL job - it really turned out lovely. I love finiding bargains and creating something unique and beautiful from them. Your ruffle at the bottom really adds a lovely touch to the apron.

  2. The apron looks great,love the fabrics.x

  3. Well look at this! It's brilliant as well as practical. You can save even more by making your own straps...either make a narrow tube(6-7cm strip) and turn it back the right way or cut a 6-7cm strip and iron the sides into the middle and then fold it again and stitch down one side ;) You could use any odd fabric for this.


  4. Thats too cute with the ruffle!!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies, I think the ruffle is quite cute myself :) I'm really getting into this sewing lark...think I may have found something I may become quite good at..even if I do say so myself :)
    Sue I tried hunting for enough material in my scraps to make the straps but being the perfectionist that I am *blush* I didn't find any that suited lol. Thanks for the description of making the strap by folding it, my last apron I made for my friends birthday I made the straps as it was reversible so one side I did green the other brown and made the 'tube' then folded them back through. But I will definitley be trying your other suggestion next of folding them into the middle then over again and sewing at the sides, sounds a lot easier than the way I did it! Trying to reverse 3 long skinny tubes of material took a bit to do lol.

    My friend I gave the reversible apron to thinks I should make aprons to sell, but I'm not sure about that. I would love to but to cover the cost of the materials (unless I can find some more in the thrift shop like I did for mine) I would have to sell them for about $30.00NZ and I'm not quite sure if people would be willing to pay that for a handmade apron?? Your thoughts ladies?

  6. That is a lovely apron Ruth!

    I have a pattern somewhere for an apron made from a tea towel/pillowcase. I am pretty sure that had a frilly bit on the bottom too!


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