Sunday, 20 November 2011

My first Knitted Hat

I have been hibernating a bit recently after coming down with another cold :( I had on my mind to make a hat for myself but just hadn't gotten around to starting it. So this weekend  I thought why not? I had a few balls of this purple wool that I have had for about 6 or so years (goodness me lol) and so I set to it. I started it Friday night and just finished it this afternoon. I thought it would look pretty with a flower on it so I went hunting found another knitting pattern and some beads in my stash and got creative :) to make another one now, so I have a few to take away camping with me when we go soon.  
I had lots of fun, this is the first thing apart from my scarves that I have knitted and certainly my first experience with circular and double pointed needles (hmm in fact I don't have double pointed needles so I just used the circulars but took the pipe part off...bit of kiwi ingenuity going on there :) ), so along with my sewing I think I can master this knitting thing :)

This pattern in one I found on Ravelry here


  1. Great job, and love the colour. x

  2. Oh that is a super cute hat, hope your feelin better soon!

  3. you clever cookie...there'll be no holding you back. isn't it a great skill to have?
    hope your cold is over, have a great week

  4. Well done, the hat looks great!

    Get better soon...


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