Thursday, 3 November 2011

Shepherds Pie

 This is a great recipe that is yummy, filling and you can make it stretch a long way.  I remember having cottage pie as my parents called it when I was growing up, so it's nice to cook a food for my children that I had when I was young.
I made a double mix of this when my two friends were unwell and made enough to feed all three families (6 adults and 8 children) with leftovers :)  The addition of lentils makes it even heartier, go further and they blend in with the mince so they aren't even noticeable in the mix. 


Oil (as much as you need)
Large Onion - chopped finely
3-5 Cloves of Garlic - chopped finely
Capsicum - deseeded and chopped (I use a 1/4 of a capsicum if I'm running low)
300-350gms Minced Beef
1 can of Brown Lentils
Good handful of sliced Mushrooms
3 tablespoons Tomato Paste
3 teaspoons Soya Sauce
1 cup Beef Stock
Any other chopped veges you have on hand - carrot, courgette etc
Sprinkling of Raw Sugar (or brown or white)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Enough mashed Potato to cover the top of the mince mix with a good layer
Optional - Grated Cheese, a sprinkling of Breadcrumbs or Crushed Cornflakes and a little Black Pepper

In a pan heat oil and sauté Onion and Garlic until soft.  
Add Mince and brown off, next stir through all the remaining vegetables.
Soften for a few minutes, stir through Lentils, Tomato Paste, Soya Sauce, sprinkling of Sugar and the Beef Stock.
Season with some salt and pepper and simmer for 20mins or so.  Taste and re-season as necessary.
Grease (I use a spray oil) a casserole dish or any other oven safe dishes that will hold the pie, and pour the mince mix into the dish.  Spoon and spread over the mashed potato and if using sprinkle over the grated Cheese, Breadcrumbs/crushed Cornflakes and Black Pepper.
Bake in a 180degC oven for roughly 20mins or until the top of the pie is golden.

I normally serve this either with steamed vegetables or a salad depending on the season. 

I find a loaf tin is enough to feed the four of us with a little left for MrW's lunch
 Enjoy :)

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  1. YUM this looks nice Ruth. I am going to borrow the recipe to try out on my lot...

    Sorry I have been a bit quiet around here lately, there is a lot happening in my life at the moment which leaves not much time for blogs and blogging. Lots of cleaning/sorting happening as I am getting some new carpet through out the house, and the whole of my furniture/stuff has to go out while the carpet is put in...what fun!

    Have a great day!


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