Monday, 9 January 2012

Holidays Over, It's time to get stuck into 2012!

Good Morning all!

Well I know I have been posting already since we embarked into 2012, but today is officially the day when it all goes back to normal in our house (well not completely normal as school/kindy is still on holiday, but back to the routines needing to be back into place).  MrW is back to work today, which means I need to get back to work as well not having him around.  We have enjoyed a nice break over the past two weeks, although we got rained out and our camping trip got called off it meant we spent the two weeks at home, just cruising.  We haven't done that in a very long time, and it was well overdue.

So the Menu Plan was set last week and now into action, there is baking to be done and lunches to be stocked up on in the freezer for MrW, the housework has piled up as we both turned a blind eye to all but the essentials, and the garden needs some attention (although it's raining so not sure when that'll get seen to). I have planned also to give the boys some 'lessons' every now and then to keep up with the skills learnt last year at school for Master 5 and to start the preperation over the next few months in anticipation for Master 4 starting school in June - Oh my!.  I have something going on in my craft world which I need to be giving attention to where I can (all will be revealed hopefully very soon!), and of course there is writing my blog for all you lovely readers out there :), the Living Series will continue and there will be many more interesting topics to cover over 2012.

Time to put the new diary into action, start some task lists and get some grounding into this New Year :)

I'll be back later tonight (well that's the plan) with Part 2 in the Living Series - Savings in the Grocery Bill. 

Until then, here is a photo of the boys I thought I would share.  A big milestone was achieved these holidays, they both got their training wheels off and learnt to ride their bikes without them! So proud!


  1. Yay, training wheel free a huge milestone, good work boys!!

  2. Oh yes training wheels off, you must be very proud of them both. x


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