Sunday, 8 January 2012

Knitted Blankie

Over December (and yes some of November and into early January) I attempted to knit something bigger than a scarf or hat. I thought it would be an awesome idea to put the knitting needles to task and knit a blanket for my cousin's wee baby who has just turned 3 months - Hi K and Baby E xxxx.  
Considering I was trying to make it up as I went along (really should start using patterns!) I had to re-start it twice to make sure I got it looking the way I wanted it.  My inspiration for the pattern was actually a small sample knitting square made of a wool the wool shop in town was selling.  This was like a small 16cm by 16cm test square and I thought I could do that..........hmmm :) When I finally cast off, it was an awesome feeling that I really had completed what I set out to do and I'd done it well :)

The reason behind this idea can be attributed to wanting a little blanket about this size when the boys were babies.  I always wished for one that could go to the carseat and buggy and other small places we sit babies, one that would wrap around them and keep them warm but not be big and bulky or trail on the ground behind you (I dirtied a lot of blankets this way!). It's also the perfect size to carry around if Baby E is a blankie girl when she is older.  Master 4 is a blankie boy, he doesn't walk around with them but if he is on the couch or just chilling out he likes to grab a little blankie and wrap it around him - so cute :)

So here it is - Baby E's blanket 

made with Bella Baby 4 ply wool in pink and white, knitted on 4mm needles, 205 Rows and 34,850 stitches :) 

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  1. Very nicely done. Hope it was well received.


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