Sunday, 29 January 2012

On A Working Holiday

Hello to all my faithful readers! I know I haven't been around recently, it's been quite hard juggling all I have on at the moment. 
I have been putting alot of time into getting Back Pocket Designs off the ground and it's proving really successful.  I have had a few custom orders that I have made and filled and I am busy sewing and making up some custom made bags, aprons and a few other crafty things so I can build up a little stock to go to a few of the local markets that we have around here. 
We also have had Master 4 start kindy last week, my cousin, her husband and their new baby came to stay and on Tuesday Master 5 starts back at school! Pheww end of January is proving to be passing in a blur!  
Oh and my garden is really quite neglected - although it is being faithful and in amongst all the weeds it's producing cucumbers, courgettes/marrows, tomatoes, lettuce and we have some spuds on the way as well.  We have had a really unstable summer so far and on the days I have set aside to get out there it's normally ended up raining which does not help!

So I have had to make a very hard decision - in the short term, I am going to take a Working Holiday from Come Smell the Roses.  This makes me feel sad, I love keeping this diary of what we are doing, and sharing some of my tips and recipes, but for the stress levels I need to cut down on some of my commitments temporarily.  If I have a spare few moments from time to time I may come back here and post a few things, however for the most part, Come Smell the Roses will be having a holiday and will be put back into action when this busy-ness is under control and we are back on our feet in the House of W. Hopefully it'll only take a month or so and then I can join you all again :)

So in the meantime, I will continue every so often to visit my regular blogs that I like to read, and I have started a page for Back Pocket Designs, so you can find us here and all our crafty creations.  You can also come and see us on Facebook where I am regularly found at Back Pocket Designs NZ - Facebook Page

So take care my lovely readers, I hope to see you over at one or both of Back Pocket Designs pages, and back here when we are up and running again :)
Ruth xx

 A few of my creations for Back Pocket Designs :)

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  1. Good luck with your endeavor. I hope you will find GREAT success!


Hiya, thanks for taking the time to comment on my post. I can't wait to read your comments and to share ideas, I am a busy mummy with 2 boys to run around after so I will try and get to comments as quickly as I can...if there is a delay in seeing them published this is why, not because I don't care, I'm just taking some time to smell the roses :)

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