Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Polkadot Polkadot

Hi there!  Well I thought today I would share some of my crafty creativeness :)

Oh I've been having fun the last few days! I made the most of the Spotlight Christmas/New Year sale and saved my pocket money for a month and went on a bargain hunt for some material to start a few projects.  On my project list were two new school bags for the boys, a new handbag for me and an apron or three for my stash (To take me up to one for each day of the week....I mean who can have to many Aprons right? They are a much needed part of 'uniform' for any Homemaker I feel). I also got a new folder so that I can transfer my personal recipe book into a more organised form. I also found the Learn to Crochet book that I have been after for ages, it has an instructional DVD and a range of crochet hooks, so when I find some time I can learn to crochet :)

Master 5 for his birthday in May got a brand new school bag to start school with (one that cost quite a bit to buy) and it is now after 7 months at school falling apart, like they seem to do these days.  Master 4 starts morning Kindy when term goes back so will be heading off 5 mornings a week and will need to take a bag with him with changes of clothes, some morning tea and for the summer his togs for playing under the sprinkler. He also starts school in June anyway so needs a decent bag.  So rather than buying more bags that will fall apart after 5minutes I asked the boys if they would mind if Mama made them one each..well the fabric has been chosen, the cutting out has begun, and there are two very excited boys hanging off this Mama's apron in great anticipation of their new 'army' bags (they both chose Army material :)) I am doing them in the same style as this one here that I made last year, however I'm adapting the pattern quite a bit in different ways, so the fingers are crossed I can get them to work as I want.

The boys bag material, I'm going to use plain black calico to line them
And here I was last night...hard at work putting together an apron :)

 Unbeknown to me until I downloaded the photos MrW had sneaked in this photo.  I'd like to point out now for you to have a clearer picture of MrW, he's a bit of a geek LOL.  You can see the arm chair has been brought into the sunroom up to the table and he has set himself up with his Playstation Formula 1 Racing game (he built the wooden rack the steering wheel is on).  When queried I was told 'well if your in here sewing dear, I can at least be near you if I'm in here" :) fair enough so he has one end of the table for his gaming and I have the rest for my sewing - win win really :) 

and this is the finished product.  I'm really happy with this one, it's very 'me', and lining it with the black makes it look a lot more polished. 

I did a dance for the boys - Excuse the morning no hair and makeup :)
I also have some secret stuff I'm working on which I will share with you soon I hope.  The problem for me was this secret stuff required more material.  Having no money left over in the budget and having blown my pocket money the only problem to get this much needed material was where to find the money for it. So MrW set me a target with an agreement that if I managed to have money left over at the end of the grocery shopping I could then use this to buy it. Well have money leftover I did! I was super organised and super frugal and managed to save quite a fair amount from the shop (thank goodness for my stockpile!) and headed back on up to Spotlight and had lots of fun.  My stash now looks like this................

I can't wait to be able to reveal what it's all about so watch this space :)

Have you been up to any crafty-ness recently? I'd love to hear about it so please leave a link to your post/s on your blog for us to check out :)

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