Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hi Everyone!

Hello There! 

Well as I lie on the couch with a sore throat and feeling quite blah really, I thought I would pop into my blog and say a quick hello!  Things have been very busy here in The House of W, lots of sewing, school and kindy happenings and the general day to day duties. 

But we are all enjoying life :)  The sewing machine has given me some issues of late (I think I've been pushing it a bit much recently :( ), but luckily for us, MrW is a good fix it man so was able to repair my machine with the last break down for very little. Unfortunately the machine has had another wobbly since, but this time it's my older sister coming to the rescue :).  She has a brand new domestic sewing machine that she has only used once and probably never will again, so she is very kindly putting it on a courier to ship up to me - am I lucky or what!!  So our little business we are creating here can continue :) Thanks to my lovely sister!! Love you A xx

The garden is a bit worse for wear, we've suffered a very wet summer this year (as have a good portion of New Zealand) and when I have been ready to get out and attack the weeds the rain has the weeds remain.  I did have a bit of a go at the vege garden a few weeks back which has made a vast improvement to it, although the tomatoes in the garden are shot and the courgettes have powdery mildew we are still getting enough to make savings on the fruit and vege bill which is great, and I have sown some more carrot and spring onion seeds.  The potatoes have just come ready so thats a bonus! Our first attempt at potatoes and I have loved it! they have pretty much taken care of themselves which has been a big help! Our neighbour has a really awesome vege garden and fruit trees so we have been very fortunate to have had some yummy goodies swapped over the fence :) Love thy neighbour I say! Thanks S.

Our stockpile is sustaining us, which has been awesome as we have had to use some of our grocery allowance towards other bills recently so by having our stockpile on hand we have been able to do so easily.   Have you got your stockpiles started?  I love ours :)

The boys are very busy settling back into life at school and kindy.  We have 1 1/2 terms left to go and then Master 4 becomes Master 5 and starts school! oh my where have these past years gone!!  Master 5 is doing really well at school and is responding really well to his new teacher he has this year.  His writing and reading is coming along in leaps and bounds.  I am able to give a little time to the school with Master 4 at kindy in the mornings so I am in at the school once a week for a morning to parent help in the classroom and assist his teacher.  This has been fantastic for me as I get to see the inside workings of the classroom and Master 5 is loving it!  

MrW is busy busy at work as per normal, they have had a shift around with a member of his team leaving so MrW will be needing to put a little extra in at work until he finds a replacement, so we will all support him as he does this.  On the plus side MrW has a hobby to get into now, our neighbours race at Dirt Track and we have gone along a few times to watch and it's something all four of us enjoy.  MrW and I have always had a love of cars and MrW has always wanted to get into Motor racing, but obviously there is big costs involved with this, so we think we have found a solution to this with Dirt Track, as you don't need a big fancy or even totally fast car to race at Dirt Track...meaning it's obtainable for MrW by saving his personal allowance and using that.  He is also very capable of anything mechanical and has a lot of friends in the right places for the other things that may need to be done, so it's a win for him really and who am I to stand in his way of his dream?? we all need a hobby right?? I'll just be closing my eyes when he gets out on the track lol. So this coming winter I think I will be supplying lots of hot cups of tea out to the garage as MrW tinkers away on his new project....just need to find him an old car to start :)

As for me, well I'm just trucking along running the things behind the scenes in our house :) We are continuing to make good savings and being as frugal as we can.  I have had a few custom orders for Back Pocket Designs NZ with the sewing machine playing up though, it's been a bit tricky but I'm managing.  I'm looking forward to this wet summer being over I must confess, and I'm looking forward to late March when I can start tearing out the vege garden and preparing it for winter.  I'm enjoying pottering around these days (well I like to call it potter but some days it feels like a mad race!), a little bit of knitting here and there, preparing nourishing meals and lots of yummy baking for my beautiful family. Of course as much as I can, I take time to slow down, enjoy life and Smell the Roses :)

I'd love to hear how you are all going?? I am still popping onto all the blogs I follow and continue to come across new ones, but I have been missing the special people that read my fact I have been missing writing my I shall try to,when I can manage it, come back and write a few posts.

Take care, and blessings to you all 
xxx Ruth xxx

Master 5 testing out the Dirt Tack car of our neighbours

A little hat I knitted for my friends new baby that arrived a few weeks ago

Master 4 off to morning kindy....I made both the boys new school bags, Master 4 loves his new 'Army' bag :)


  1. It's good hearing from you again but I'm sorry you are not feeling so well. That is a wonderful gift your sister is sending you. I"m glad that things are going well for you in your new business.

  2. Hi, hope your feelin better soon, was just thinking yesterday you had been I can why...busy busy...take care now xx

  3. Thankyou my lovely friends ;) I have missed hearing from you :) I am feeling much better now after a big afternoon nap, so I'm crossing fingers that it passes enough by tomorrow so I can get through the day. I am going to try and post something once or twice a week (hopefully I can start back tomorrow with Monday Baking Day :) )but you know what life is like and I may not get there, but I will try :)

    I hope all is well for you both, and Becky I hope you get everything achieved today that you wanted sounds like you had a busy day planned! and I do hope you haven't had any more prowlers next door!
    JenR, how did I miss you had your own blog! Off to check it out now and become a follower ;)

    Take care Becky and Jen :) xx Ruth xx

  4. Glad you're back. What a nice sister you have!


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