Thursday, 5 July 2012

Is it a house of Bears?.... No it's just us :)

We are in hibernation here, just like a family of bears trying to sleep the days away :) Unfortunately the boys and I have taken quite poorly and a trip to the doctor on Tuesday revealed why.  Flynn has Tonsillitis, I have Sinusitis and wee Noah has a viral infection that needs watching in case it develops into something further.  It's antibiotics for Flynn and I, Pamol and Brufen for us all and we've quarantined ourselves and are just cruising through the days, watching movies, playing games, lego and doing some crafty/drawings and doing what we can to stay out of the cold winter weather. 

I made some little masks for the boys as they are into playing TMNT at the moment after watching the movie over and over the last few days :)

Keeping himself busy
I am hoping we might all start feeling better by tomorrow, but somehow I don't think that'll be so, as Noah started spiking with a 39degC temp this afternoon :( He's had a sleep for a few hours and has woken up chirpier but still hot.  Flynn didn't seem to want a sleep so he and I just rested for a wee bit.  Luckily MrW flew in last night and is home for a few days so we have someone else to share the load with in the evenings when we are all scratchy.

The boys seem to be mostly existing on porridge for breakfast. At least I know they are filling their tummy's to get through the day with something that will sustain them, as they aren't really into eating much more than that. Well unless I offer yoghurt or Ice Cream (which we only ever seem to buy when there is a sore throat in the house :) ) and last night they ate a little dinner which was good to see.

Yummy Nourishing Porridge, to fill up those unwell tummies

Best served with our yummy homemade 'Maple' syrup :)
Yesterday I had to nip into town to get some tests done, our neighbour watched the boys for me, so I took the opportunity and popped into the sewing and knitting shop.  I got some new buttons for a pair of favourite pants so I could fix them and start wearing them again (a grand total of $2.30 for 3 new buttons :) ), and I went and found some divine wool so I could knit myself a winter beret style hat.  I managed to find this lovely cream wool in the $5 bin which was just perfect as it is 10ply and just what I needed for this pattern I found on Ravelry.

Tonight I lit the fire and went to close all the curtains around 5pm.  As I looked out the window I was surprised to not be able to see the field behind us as it was covered in Fog! Fog doesn't normally hit these parts until much much later in the evening, so this was quite a sight to see!

So not to much is going on in our house at the moment, we're all just taking it quietly and getting ourselves better. 

Till next time xx Ruth xx


  1. I hope that you all get to feeling better real soon. Illness is bad when just one is sick but when nearly the entire household is sick it's awful.


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