Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just Pottering

Well this week in The House of W, we have just been pottering through each day.  MrW went away for most of the week to Singapore so I had my wonderful MIL come down to lend a hand with the boys and to keep us company :)  We all love it when Grandma comes to stay, the boys are a lot calmer and settled, there is someone to help out with the dinner/bedtimes and getting off to school in the mornings, and I really enjoy having her here to natter away to as we pass the time during the day doing various little tasks.  We also at some point always end up in the garden together, this in particular was a great benefit this visit! Whilst I have been unwell recently the drive to get out in the garden has well and truly left me.  I had all these plans to get out into the vege garden and tear it apart...I just never quite made it past the planning stage :)
So as I was in town doing a haircut one morning Ma took the car so she could go and have a tour around.  When she picked me up, the announcement of her having been to Mitre 10 Mega and bought some vege seedlings for me was just GOLD.  This I knew would be the catalyst for my gardening bug to return :)  
SO sure enough the next day Ma announced when we'd had our cuppa after school drop off that she was going to get out into the vege garden to get it ready for planting the seedlings.  That of course was enough to get me off my bum and out into the patch.  My goodness what a sight! ***hangs head in total shame*** 

Somewhere in this overgrown, weed filled mess are some Carrot seedlings, Silverbeet, Strawberries and Raspberry Canes.......oh look here they are....................................

Ahh now that's much better! A good mornings work by the two of us had it all back into shape :) Now when it stops raining in the next week or so I have some Leeks, Broccoli, Lettuce and Beetroot to plant. I have also planted a new baby Flat Leafed Parsley plant that I like to have sitting on my deck in a big pot ready for adding to my cooking. All I need to do now is throw down some blood and bone add a bag or two of compost to where the Spud patch will be, plan out where I'm planting everything and I'll be ready for germinating and planting seeds come spring time.  The soil is looking fantastic though, and where I planted the spuds last year it was all stony and not very nice, but now its all beautiful soil with lots of fat long worms living in it!

When I pulled out the very dead Bean plants from last season we couldn't get over the size of the root system! There were some dried pods left behind, so I'm going to dry out the bean seeds some more and use them for this years crop.

This is the next bed that needs some desperate TLC.  In amongst here are some herbs, so I am going to pull out all the weeds, build the soil level back up with some compost and potting mix and it'll be ready for some yummy herbs to be planted.

Throughout the week it's been business as normal here, lots of yummy breads/buns, dinners and baking, homework and marveling at the progress that both boys are making with their learning.  I have finished knitting MrW's winter hat, I shall post a photo soon of all our hats I have knitted for this winter, as I must say I quite happy with the way they all turned out :)  I made some Strawberry Jam and today I have had the beginnings of Marmalade on the stove, and on Monday it was the big Monthly shopping day which always manages to take up the best part of the day.

On Friday it was a big celebration day at school for 100 days of school for the 2012 school year.  The children all make up a project consisting of 100 something which they show in the hall and all of us parents send along some yummy food and they have a big shared lunch.  So the boys went off with a Mama baking special of Banana and Coconut loaf (which Flynn reported was all gone by the time it was his class's turn to be served lunch!) and their 100days project.  The boys decided to make something out of lego each. Noah made a 'Starwars Rocket with Luke Skywalker' and Flynn made a 'Dragon' and they both did a fantastic job on building them all on their own. Although Flynn had a failure on the way to school in terms of his breaking so it was an emergency rebuild in the hall for his one!  But by the end of the day they were two very happy boys after a wonderful day at school :)

To top  off the week at school, Noah received his certificate in assembly for starting school.  He was such a big boy walking up onto stage and receiving it...I was one proud Mama!

So a busy week as usual for us, MrW flew back in yesterday and it's great to have him home! Unfortunately Ma took ill with a dreadful migraine but was feeling well enough today to travel back home fortunately.  
We've all just had a super quiet day today just recharging our batteries, a lovely big bowlful of fresh Pumpkin soup and fresh bread for lunch just topped off our nice relaxing day :)  How has your week been?


  1. Lovely to hear about your week, but I'm sorry you haven't been well. Hope you are feeling much better now. How good that your MIL got you back out into the garden, fresh air, exercise and a feeling of accomplishment. All that and veggies in the not too distant future! It does make such a difference when a job is tackled with a companion. Makes the job less daunting I think.
    I love the photographs of your delightful little boys. You must be so proud. Great pic of Noah with his certificate. I have a photo of my grandson on the fridge and he is standing there in exactly the same stance and a big smile on his face

  2. Hi Jean, thanks for your lovely comments :) Noah was as proud as punch with his certificate :)It was lovely to get out into the fresh air and sunshine :)


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