Friday, 13 July 2012

A Little Holiday Fun

We've just come back from a lovely few days away at Grandma's :) Grandma and Grandad live by the beach in Whangarei Heads and its always lovely and relaxing to get away up North. We had a couple of days up there with two of the boys' cousins and my sister-in-law and it was really cool for the kids to play and all of us to hang out.  On the way home we picked up the other two cousins from Auckland and they came down to ours and had a sleepover.  So a week full of family fun for our school holidays.  Totally makes up for last week all being crook, and was a nice break away while MrW spent most of the week in Melbourne.  I thought I would share a few of our holiday snaps with you (hmmm there are quite a few lol)

This is the view from the walk I took around the 4km block - lovely isn't it :)
We headed out for a few hours to the beach

Flynn decided like his big cousin to dig a really deep hole to reach the water
Noah found some dried seeweed
 I finished both the boys hats that they are wearing just in time for the trip away
The boys enjoyed running to the top of the sand dunes

A dribble castle my nephew made
they reached the water :)

 The view from the top of the car park


The local school have a really neat reusing system in place....growing lettuce in an old bbq and flowers in old gumboots.

                             Playtime at the school :)                       

  mmmmm Fluffy and brownie :) Noah was in heaven when Grandma took us all out for morning tea at the local cafe

Making Pizzas with Grandma for lunch

Beyblading in the back seat on the way home to fill in time :)
On the way home as it's a 3-4hour drive, we nearly always stop in Warkworth to have a break, the boys love playing at the park they have there by the water.  It was bliss just sitting there eating our lunch together.  A nice way to end our holiday :)

Our two big boys :) We go back to school next week, so it's lovely to have some fun holiday memories and a chance to recharge the batteries :)

Thanks for having us Grandma and Grandad xx


  1. Lovely photographs Ruth. Looks like you had a wonderful week with family. I have enjoyed reading this post. You have two gorgeous boys (don't need me to tell you that do you?)

  2. Aww thanks Jean, we did have a wonderful little break away :) The boys are pretty cute aren't they? Take care xx


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