Saturday, 14 July 2012

Simple Antibacterial Spray Cleaner (Spray&Wipe Cleaner)

It's been a while a since a shared one of my simple cleaners with you all, so I thought it was about time I did so :)

Ruth's Simple Antibacterial Spray Cleaner

Using a 1 litre Spray Bottle, 1/4 fill it with White Vinegar, give a good squirt of Dishwashing Liquid (or homemade Liquid Soap) and add 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil.  
Using Warm Water top up the remainder of the bottle.  Towards the top make sure you slow the flow of the water as it will bubble over if it goes in to fast.  
Each time you use it just give it a good shake, spray and wipe with a wet cloth :)

Now wasn't that easy and cheap to make? :)

We used to spend so much unnecessary money on buying all those antibacterial spray cleaners for our kitchen counter tops, toilet, bathroom and other general cleaning areas.  I used to think I needed you feel this way?

I have been using this mix for about 1 1/2 years now and it has never failed me.  It is simple to mix, very frugal compared to the store bought counterparts, the soap content helps with lifting the grime and with using White Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil it is also antibacterial so will kill off any nasty bacteria that we want to avoid floating around our homes (although in saying this, I firmly believe we don't want to be killing off ALL the bugs in our house, a few little bugs aren't going to hurt us and can be beneficial, I just want to ensure my surfaces are clean more than anything).

I have a spray bottle in my kitchen for cleaning our kitchen benches and our tables, and a spray bottle in the laundry for cleaning up the bathroom, laundry and toilet.  I particularly have this one hanging out in easy reach, so if the boys happen to have any little accidents in the toilet they can then get the spray themselves and using some toilet paper they can clean it up.  I know when they are using this spray that it is totally safe for them to use. I also have another spray bottle with this mix and a tablespoon of Olive Oil mixed in so I can clean the wooden walls of our house easily and give them a nice shine :)

Happy Cleaning :) xx

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  1. Thanks for the tip Ruth. Will add this one to my other safe cleaners :)



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