Monday, 2 July 2012

Straightening the Wonkey Cogs on our Simple Living

Hi All! Wow I cannot believe it was March that I last posted!

A lot has gone on in our little piece of the world since then which have seen us going from one thing to another in rapid succession.  Along the way we both started taking the route of  'convenience' again and spending way to much money when we really shouldn't have been, some of it frivolous, some of it needed.  Now we are getting ourselves back on track to where we want to be :)   So what's been happening in our house.............

Still found time for my favourite 'simple task' - mmmm fresh baking :)

 Flynn turned 6 and we celebrated with a little afterschool party and a sleepover.  I turned the big 30 and we celebrated with a lovely dinner out at an Indian Restaurant in town with some special friends.  But the biggest celebration came with Noah turning 5!! Oh my I still find it hard to believe our baby has started school already.  The last 5 years have just melted away! We had a lovely day surprising the boys with a trip up the Sky Tower and the Auckland Museum :) And so the journey for wee Noah in his school years have begun, with his big brother alongside of him to guide him and support him. 

Hard at work making his Kindy birthday hat

Two big school boys :)

Up the Sky Tower for his Birthday surprise
Up the Sky Tower for some birthday fun

MrW started a new job in May.  It is an absolutely AMAZING opportunity, and means so much for his career, it's a big step up and back into the corporate world. They have required though, some assistance from MrW in the Australian office so he has been dutifully flying back and forth each week between the Melbourne and NZ offices.  It's been a very trying and tiring time but we are nearly at the end of it and it's going to pay off for MrW's position in the long term.  Even though it's been a big change for him and quite demanding, MrW is like a little piggie in mud and is very happy with his job change :)

As for me, well I have been just chugging along every day.  I tried to pick up a little work at a salon, however with MrW's travel and a few other things like my health it was not to be and we decided for the good of the family that I needed to remain working in the home full time. A hard decision as I really enjoyed the work, but I know it was the best one.  Unfortunately I have been recently diagnosed with Graves Disease which is an auto-immune disease resulting in an over active thyroid. After a few tests and specialist visits I have just been put onto a course of treatment  and am hoping I start to feel better soon. I take it one day at a time and I am very thankful that it isn't worse than what it is and with the aid of medication I can be treated and hopefully keep it under control, however I have been told that this is with me forever now.  If anyone has Graves Disease themselves or knows of someone I would love to be in contact.  I am contemplating finding a naturopath at some stage to see if there is anything dietary or supplementary wise that I can do or take to help compliment the treatment.

So throughout the last few months, with all the big changes, our lives seem to have sped up and felt at times like there was no time to just slow down and smell the roses.  We have still been very good though at making our bread everyday, I have mostly kept up with baking and I have made a big effort to keep grocery shopping to our budget.  Our stockpile has been an absolute life saver and we wouldn't have been able to keep to our grocery budget with out it.  Things like the vege garden and homemade cleaning products, knitting, sewing and all the things I really enjoy and love to have fill my day haven't really been happening.....(whisper) there have been a few naughty takeaway nights and cafe lunches................BUT........I am taking back the reins now!

I'm so ready to regain control and start simplifying life for us all again.  Along with this comes my blog, oh how I have missed my blog and my lovely blog friends.  I love writing on here as it is a great way for me to keep track of how we are progressing towards the life we love to be living, and sharing with like minded souls. Not to mention all the requests I get to share my recipes with my wonderful friends :) I have also just had the privilege of being able to buy Rhonda Hetzel's book, Down To Earth - A Guide to Simple Living and I absolutely adore it! Her writing has definitely re-inspired me and it's hit home that this is the way we love to live here.

So with winter upon us, I have dusted off the recipe book and found new tasty nourishing winter foods (loving the soups and homemade English Muffins), I have knitted both the boys a hat to keep them warm outside and am in the process of starting matching scarves for them.  MrW is also in line for a hat this winter :)  We have all been poorly recently with winter bugs and I have had terribly dry skin since starting my medication, so the other night I whipped up some Lip Balm.....oh how much I have missed my homemade lip balm! I made it with honey, bees wax, sweet almond oil, vit E and cocoa butter and it works brilliantly! two applications was all it took to reduce the dryness, so on it goes to all of us.  It was so good hauling all my goodies out of the cupboard where they have been hiding for far to long!
The Vegetable garden is in desperate need of tender loving care, so whilst our Silver Beet is still growing madly, so are the weeds! So very soon on some warm sunny days I will be out there tearing out the weeds and remaining old plants from summer, digging in some compost and blood and bone and preparing it for spring planting. I cannot wait to see the garden in full production again!

Flynn's Hat and Scarf in progress

Well I think I have babbled on enough now :) I guess thats what happens when I haven't posted in a good few months! I'm off to have a good catchup with all my blogging friends.  Would love to hear from you and hear how you all are xxxx Ruth xxxx

Dress Up Mufti Day for school - I ended up with a Zebra turned White Tiger and a Ninja Cheetah :) The school were fundraising for an Elephant needing help at a local zoo and so had their faces painted as part of the fundraising.


  1. Glad to see you back. I have missed your lovely posts. x

  2. Lovely to hear from you Ruth...have emailed a pal with Graves and hopefully she will share her'story'. The lads are really growing up aren't they?
    Love and best wishes,

  3. Aww thankyou lovely ladies xxx
    Zara great to hear from you, and very touched that you have missed my posts :) I shall try and keep them coming regularly from now on :)
    Thanks Sue for emailing your friend, it was suggested to me that I may like to find others with the same condition for support and to share information and stories, but only if your friend is willing :) You are a special lady Sue xx

    Take care ladies,

    Ruth xxx

  4. Welcome back Ruth. I'm glad you are finding a re-focus. We too have been discussing how our life has really changed our perspective and how some dreams may have completely changed and we need to let some things go that we once saw as part of our future. We are still in the discussion phase of planning but I'm sure some future posts on my blog will speak of these changes. I'm glad your hubby has found a job that he finds enjoyable and rewarding.

  5. Hi Becky :) I'll be reading your blog with interest to see what lies in store for you. Sometimes life takes over and unfortunately we have to be realistic to what we can really do and manage, some times it's good and sometimes not so much. Take care sweet and thanks for popping by xxx

  6. Hi Ruth glad to see you back. Sounds like you have had lots going on in the last few months. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, hoping you are soon starting to feel much better. Will be following along closely to see your steps back along the living simply path. Since starting work recently, it has made me even more determined to follow the same path. Rhonda's book is truly wonderful isn't it? I have enjoyed reading it so much and just looking at the photos and dreaming. Congratulations to your husband on his new job, but boy it must be very tiring. Your boys are growing so much. That's the thing with children...time just seems to fly by and before you know it, they are not little children any more. Good luck with everything, and I am looking forward to some more simply living posts.
    Sharon x

  7. Hi Sharon, thankyou for your kind message :) Coming to terms with the diagnosis has been quite hard, but I'm working through it :) I absolutely adore Rhonda's much so I am deliberately taking my time to read through it so the enjoyment lasts longer lol.....MrW thinks I am absolutely nutty ;) He really is enjoying his new job, he's back home for a few days which we are all savouring and then he is back over the ditch again next week, I know it will come to an end soon...either that or I will be asking his company to move us over there! :) The boys are sprouting like beans, they are just growing to fast, I bet you feel the same about yours!
    I admire your resolve to follow the same path since you have started working, that is when most find it the hardest, I certainly did the past few months, so I will be here in blogger land supporting you x
    How are you feeling these days?
    Best be off to bed, I love this time at night when MrW is home and the boys are tucked up in bed and we just enjoy the peace and quiet and each others company, but I always stay up way to late! :)

    Take care,

    xxx Ruth xxx


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