Saturday, 28 July 2012

Where Has This Week Gone??

So here we are, on Saturday! Wow this week has disappeared! All four of us are chilling out and having a bit of a PJ morning today and we are all watching the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. 
It's been a bit of a crazy week here in The House of W!
The boys have had the usual school routines going on, and I have been in and out helping in class and PMP fitness program for the Juniors.  

I found myself a little Greenhouse that was on special which I got with some of my pocket money savings so I have somewhere to put all my seedlings this year. Last year I germinated them all in the hot water cupboard and as they sprouted I had them scattered around all the sunny places in the house, so I thought when I saw this advertised that it was just perfect :) and on special at $35 it was a great price. I just need to get MrW to put it together for me now and I can start planting out some of my seeds that can be started at this time of year.

I made this apron for my close friend who turned 30 last week, she loves horses and used to be right into competitive riding before her girls came along, so when I went looking in the local fabric shop for some inspiration I found this and thought it was perfect :)

I finished off my Marmalade although I over set it this time, so to my jar in the fridge I added some extra boiling water and that seemed to make it a bit runnier, it will be interesting to see if it stays runnier once it has been back in the fridge for a few days.  I also made some Orange Juice Concentrate (or Cordial) with some left over oranges I had.  It is really yummy and is a nice way for kids to have a little juice that is free of additives/colourings and preservatives. I'll post the recipe for this juice concentrate soon, it's so easy to make and so yummy!

Earlier in the week we had some workmen out the front of the our property installing a big street light and they needed to cut our power off for a few hours.  Unfortunately it was over lunch time and I had some pumpkin soup in the fridge for MrW and I (and we had little Noah at home for the day) to have.  So without any power we got the fire going really hot and heated the soup and bread up on the fire. It was so nice to do this and reminded me of my childhood when we had a coal range in our farm house and we used to do the majority of our cooking on the coal range.

Unfortunately a downer was put on the week when on Thursday I tripped over at school in the morning when dropping the boys off.  I managed to trip on an exposed edging board and went down hard on my right hand and shoulder.  I cut my right hand up on the concrete and sprained my wrist and hurt my shoulder.  I'm starting to feel a lot better today, and have most of my movement back although it's still really painful. The last two days have been quite difficult as it was my right hand I injured so I have been trying to do things left handed and I've been a bit gumby lol, so it's a relief to know I'm on the mend.  I had quite a lot of plans for the last part of the week but have put them on hold till next week.  

That's the benefit of slow living isn't it really? I work to a schedule I set and I can put my plans on hold when I need to and there is no pressure (apart from my own lol) to get them done within a certain time frame. All those jobs will still be there next week waiting patiently for me :)  

I'm looking forward to next week and coming right from this injury. I had started my 'spring' cleaning at the start of the week before my accident to get a bit of a head start on it. When the spring comes I want to be able to dedicate my time to my vege and flower gardens and tidying up outside from the winter. I don't want to also have the stress of having to clean the house out as well.  Although it's winter and I can't air out bedding etc, I am dusting, cleaning down all the walls, moving and vacuuming under furniture, sorting through cupboards and draws and cleaning all the windows and frames. Call me strange, but I find it quite satisfying when I spring clean all the rooms like this :)

Well I shall probably make a move to get on with the rest of the day, we're waiting for our New Zealand team to come out in the Olympic Ceremony and then it'll be onto the days activities.  We have a quiet weekend planned at home and we're looking forward to it. With MrW having been away so much recently it's nice to slow down and reconnect with our home :)

What does your weekend hold in store?

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  1. Laundry, cleaning and crafting... and we are hoping to get a walk along the river in as well. I'm sorry to hear you took a nasty tumble and hope you continue to heal up well.


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