Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Easy Peasy Soft Wholemeal Bread Buns/Rolls

Hi all,

I am making these Bread buns all the time at the moment, since I discovered the secret to getting them really nice and soft (more kneading! fancy that :) ).  The boys are loving them in their lunchbox, either with just a spread or I make them up as a mini hamburger with a piece of salami, cheese and lettuce.  They last several days staying soft if stored in an airtight container, and you can store them in the freezer and use them as required - if they don't get eaten quickly that is!  
I'm making the dough in the Breadmaker so that I am saving myself some time, but if you don't have one just make the dough up as per normal by hand.  This is also the bread mix I use to make my Wholemeal bread loaf, so if I'm not making buns I will just make this mix up and bake on the Wholemeal or White Loaf setting and it is so soft and delish!

Wholemeal Bread Buns/Rolls

1 1/4 cups warm water
1 1/2 tsp Salt
2 tsp Sugar
2 tbsp Milk Powder
2 tbsp Oil
1 1/3 cups Wholemeal Flour
1/3 cup Gluten Flour (this is optional but makes a big difference to how they last.  If not using, just use Highgrade Flour in place of the Gluten Flour)
1 1/3 cups Highgrade White Flour (bread flour)
1 sachet of Instant Yeast (this is my preference and what I use) or 1 1/2 tsp Active Yeast

Add these ingredients into your breadpan as per your machine instructions - i.e my machine manual tells me to add to liquid, oils, salt etc and lastly my flour and yeast.

Set to the Dough Program and let it do it's magic.

When the cycle has finished, take the dough out and knead it by hand for a good 5-8 mins on a floured bench.  This is the big secret I discovered as before working this out I didn't do this extra kneading and would shape them straight out of the machine into balls, however although they were soft enough, they were never this soft and light.

Break off bits of the dough - I make round balls out of about a golf ball size of the dough, but it's to your preference.  Roll them into round balls and place them onto a floured or baking paper lined tray. 

Cover with a tea towel and rise until they have doubled in size in a warm place.  If you have no place in your house that's warm enough such as a hot water cupboard or sunny window then turn your oven on very low and rise them in there.

Bake them in the oven at 180degC for roughly 10mins, until starting to turn golden and sound hollow when tapped.


Sorry I didn't get a photo after they had baked as I got busy with school pickup and then the boys demolished some of them for afternoon tea :) But just imagine the above photo nicely golden brown :)

It's been crazy here! I have taken on a web based sales role to help out a friend of mine which I do for a few hours a week, and I have taken on some more Volunteer work as well, this time with our local Parents Centre.  So over the coming weeks as I familiarise myself with these two new items on the to-do list I'm not sure how much time I will have for blogging - but with everything in my life at the moment I will try!

Anyway this aside I thought I would post some recipes since I haven't done so in a while! I have a few more for you coming today/tomorrow :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Just Living

Hi All,

I know its been a while since I last posted, I've been taking some time to get into the garden and tidy it up, MrW has been back in Australia for work, I feel like I have been living at the school volunteering my time helping with activities, homework is getting full on with the two boys at school now and wow life! Life in our slow lane seems to have just naturally sped up!
I don't know what it is or how it is but I seem to have just gotten really busy, in a good way though :) 

I checked out my neglected worm farm the other day, thinking the worms would have disappeared or I lifted the lid I prepared myself for perhaps the smell of decay but to my delight and surprise I could smell nothing and I still have a handful of healthy worms hiding away in their humble home :) I was so excited as I thought all was lost :) They have now been fed and watered with some old black coffee and grounds (something I learnt they loved) and I'm hoping this will help revive them all.  I am thinking though that I may need to go and buy some more worms, I felt that they never really increased in their numbers and I only got a handful from my friends mum when I started it up so it never really seemed to increase much in size. Hmm yes a helping hand may be needed :)

Yesterday we all headed up into the city so MrW could pick up a 'new to him' road bike and we took the boys on a picnic to Mission Bay.  It was freezing cold but we all had fun, the boys got a dig in the sand and a play on the playground and we all got out into the fresh air :) I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can do a few more picnics around the place.

I'm off today to make some more liquid handsoap as we have just run out :) Not bad since I last made some about 8 months ago :) I use this recipe here from Hazeltree farm and it seems to be the only soap which doesn't dry my sensitive skin on my hands, and the bonus is I also use it as a general soap cleaner in the bathroom and laundry.

I also think today I will set up my long awaited little 3 shelf Green House that I have had sitting here for a couple of weeks, it's that time of year where seeds need to start being sown ready for spring planting :) I did post about it last time, however when it came to opening it up to set it up we found it was missing a piece! so I had to go and get a replacement and it's kind of been waiting patiently since then :)

Have a good weekend everyone and hopefully I'll find some time this week for some more posts :)
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