Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Time!!

Merry Christmas my lovely friends and followers!!

The jobs are all done, the Christmas treats are all made, the food all prepped for tomorrow's family lunch, pancakes are made and ready for our Christmas breakfast to be had once the boys have excitedly torn into their presents....and Santa seems to have visited while I was working away in the kitchen.

Don't you just love Christmas?! I certainly do!

Have a wonderful day sharing Christmas with your loved ones,

Eat, Drink and Be Very Merry!


MrsW xx

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Making Christmas Easier On The Pocket

As I wrapped some of the boys presents last night my thoughts trailed back to a comment on facebook that I saw saying "why do bills have to come in December?!" and I thought I must post how we manage our Christmas funds so it doesn't hit the pocket as hard. For some families December is a real struggle and once upon a time it was for us as well.  I haven't shared a frugal post in a while so why not start with this one? :)

We started this way of managing Christmas when Master 7 was a baby and we had gone through a few Christmas's as a family and our credit card got hammered every year, leaving us with a lovely Christmas day but when they fun was over we had this massive debt added to the card to somehow take care of.....that was not what a young family needed, so it was time to take some action.

We worked out that the biggest financial hurdles of Christmas were buying presents and special Christmas food. So we started this system involving two key items - saving for presents throughout the year and paying our December utility bills off over the course of the year to give us extra money in December for food and last minute Christmas items. We did this by these two systems:

First we took a figure that we thought was realistic for Christmas presents, I think we started with around $500 back then although it is a bit higher now...
We divided this into 12months to get a monthly figure, then to our budget we add this monthly figure. When we first started doing this we opened a new account just for this Christmas fund. So every month we squirrel away this amount into the Christmas account and leave it be. This builds up over the year and means coming close to Christmas time I know what funds are set aside for when the sales start. I'm not one for buying in the middle of the year and putting things away as  I prefer to wait until closer to December to start organising what I am getting for everyone as tastes can change in the course of half a year.
This can be changed into fortnightly or weekly amounts also depending on your pay cycle. The important part is to work out a little bit from each pay and put it away somewhere it can be left to build up for the end of the year.

The next step we took which proved a major help was organising the December bills for Power, Phone/Broadband and Cell Phone to be paid over the course of the year. Come December you will be in credit enough to cover the bill meaning you have the amounts you normally pay monthly free to use for Christmas - for us that was food :)
We worked out what we would pay as an average for each month by adding the previous 12months of bills together and dividing by 12.  With this monthly figure we divided that into a further 12months to break it down into a small monthly amount to build a credit over the year and we changed our budget to reflect this. No matter what the bill came in month to month we paid this set figure.  This has always meant by the time you get to December the credit covers the bill and you also get to take advantage of the early payment discounts as well.

As a side note we have found over the years of doing this for power the credit you build up over the warmer months at the start of the year covers the larger bills in Winter and once winter is over the credit starts building up for Christmas, so you aren't playing catch up on your winter bills either.

This system has worked well for us over a number of years now and a stress free Christmas is the best Christmas :) I recommend annually or every couple of years you review the figures to make sure they are still working of you although you should include any increases in the utility bills when the happen.

This is our magical Santa visit from 2011 :)

Just remember a budget is your most important tool for managing your money and avoiding/paying off debt. I hope this may help in some way if you are struggling to make ends meet at Christmas time.

MrsW xx

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

School's out for Summer!

I cannot believe that this year is already over for the boys at school. It has gone so fast! It has been a lovely first day of the summer school holidays today just hanging out with my boys, we all wish MrW could have been here with us but unfortunately he is working hard until Christmas Eve before he will get a well earned couple of weeks off. The weather isn't the nicest but it has meant we have just chilled out and not been tempted to go anywhere. So for now we are counting down to Christmas!!!

It has been a super busy last couple of months, and time...well it just ran away on us! I finished my Semester 2 exam and assignments passing with great marks (phew!) and now in the middle of Semester 3 with my next assignment due in mid Jan so I will continue over the holidays to chip away at the work for the paper I am doing.

In November I completed my first Triathlon and I have my next this Sunday in which I am feeling prepped and ready to race :) MrW and I have also competed in several cycling races over the past month including our favourite ride around Lake Taupo - 160km for MrW and half the lake for me at 73km with great results :)  We have our next cycling event a few weeks after Christmas, so after the Triathlon this weekend I will have a quiet week to recover and then another couple of harder training weeks before the event. Luckily it's a local ride so we don't have to travel to far.

Here are a few snaps of me completing the triathlon :) It was perfect weather and I came in at 1hr 26mins for the Sprint Distance (500m Swim, 20km Ride, 5km Run). My goal for Sunday is to come in 6mins faster.....I have been training hard ;) Fingers crossed!

I'm the one in front of these three :)
Off on the ride

I had so much fun!

We hope to go camping over the holidays for a few days on the lawn of a friends bach by the beach, otherwise we will be spending the holidays doing day trips and getting the long awaited jobs completed around here. The boys are tired from their year at school and so we are looking forward to a quiet holiday to recharge the batteries.

Well I can smell my lemon cake cooking so it must be nearly done, I thought I would just pop on and say Hi! now the holidays are here I am hoping I may find a few minutes here and there to write a always I have so many recipes floating in my head that I must share with you all.

What have you been up to?

Until next time,

MrsW xx

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Taking a Study Break

Hi Everyone :)

So sorry I have been quiet, I am currently up to my gills in the last assignments and revising for exams coming up to the end of this semester. Hopefully be back in a week or two :)

What have you been up to the last week or two?

Ruth xx

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Homemade Muesli

Good Morning!

It's shopping day today....I put it off yesterday as I had an assignment to get finished. So the cupboards are bare apart from a few staples which I have in my stockpile, I hadn't even put any bread on yesterday! I may be avoiding this round of grocery shopping, it's the last one before MrW gets paid and living on a monthly salary seems to mean the last food shop is a tight one (I really need to start my cash and envelope system again), alas I will head out and channel my inner frugalness and we will survive! Oh did I mention it's school holidays? I will have the kids in tow but in saying that they are pretty good most of the time when shopping as long as they have a nice full belly before we go, I think that is the biggest lesson I have learnt over the years of being a Mum....never take hungry kids shopping!

I ran out of my muesli the other day and was just having smoothies for breakfast and a little of the kids 'healthy chocolate pops' that I had made, but this morning after a late night finishing the assignment I thought I would quickly whip up a batch of my muesli as it was just want I felt like for breakfast.  Serve with a berry smoothie and a hot cuppa - bliss :)

I thought you might like the recipe to :) It's preservative free, refined sugar free, wheat free and if you can't tolerate the gluten in the oats omit the rolled oats and replace with an extra portion of the remaining ingredients. The coconut oil is a fantastic superfood to be enjoyed, I try and stick with virgin coconut oil as I know it has had minimal processing.

Yummy Homemade Muesli

1 cup Rolled Oats
1 cup Shredded Coconut
A handful of Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and any nuts you like or have on hand (I used sliced almonds, chopped hazelnuts work nicely to)
3 tbsp of Coconut Oil
2 tbsp Pure Maple Syrup or Honey

Preheat oven to 150degC

Melt the coconut oil, I do this by placing hot water in a bowl and place a smaller bowl into this containing the coconut oil (A bit like a double boiler). If using solid honey add this to let it warm up and go runny with the coconut oil.

In a bowl mix together the oats, shredded coconut, seeds and nuts.

When the coconut oil has melted pour it over the muesli mix along with the maple syrup/honey.  Get your (clean) hands into the bowl and mix all the ingredients together until you can feel the mix is well coated in the coconut oil.

Spread out on a baking tray or roasting dish so it is an even layer. Place in the oven, leave for approx 10mins and the muesli should be beginning to turn golden. Using a fish slice gently lift and mix around the muesli on the tray and then lay flat again, do this every 3mins or so until the entire batch is lovely and golden.
Remove from the oven and leave to cool on the tray. When cooled mixed through some dried fruit (I use raisins they work really nicely with the flavours, but you could use cranberries, chopped apricots or dates etc). Place in an airtight container and store in the pantry.

Serve with your choice of milk or yoghurt :)

Before Baking

Golden and Delicious

All ready to go :)

Tip - When using maple syrup, the muesli will feel like it has dried out when it is golden, however when using honey the mix will go golden quicker but won't actually be dried out enough, it may look like it might go too golden but it shouldn't. Keep it going for about 15mins or a little longer, it will stay tacky feeling but will dry out when it sits on the bench cooling.

Double or triple the mix as required, you may just need to use two baking trays so the layer is not so thick :)

 I got the original idea from here however I have over time adapted it quite a bit for my own needs and tastes to arrive at the recipe I now use :)

Friday, 3 October 2014

Nana Choc Top 'Ice Creams'

These are the most delicious little treats for the kids...and big kids :) They are easy to make and totally guilt free. The banana freezes down like ice cream and they were demolished in no time when I pulled them out the other night.

Nana Choc Tops

Cut bananas in half (or thirds for smaller ones) and push in an iceblock stick. 

This mix is enough for four banana halves so make more if needed. In a bowl melt 2tbsp of Coconut Oil with about 1tbsp of Pure Maple Syrup (or you can use honey) and mix. To melt the mix pop the bowl into another bowl which contains hot water and slowly melt the two together whilst mixing. 

Once its melted together, a rounded teaspoon at a time add some cocoa/cacao powder mixing in thoroughly after each addition, tasting each time to see if its chocolately enough and sweetened to your liking, add more cocoa or maple if required. I added roughly 1 1/2 tbsp of cocoa all up. 

Depending on the temperature if the chocolate is to runny pop it into the fridge for a min or two to thicken (its very quick to thicken) remix and then dip your bananas in. I ended up with quite a thick mix from leaving it to get to cold so I used a spoon to 'paint' the chocolate on each one, which gave it quite a rustic coating look if your mix gets lumps don't worry its just the coconut oil from going a bit to cold so just give it a good mix. 

Have a plate or container in the freezer with baking paper on it, after dipping each banana take it and pop it into the container (I held the banana by the stick in the freezer for a few mins just to get the initial set so when you put it onto the baking paper all the chocolate doesn't come off). Leave covered in the freezer for a few hours to freeze the bananas and then serve.



Wonky Photos


I didn't realise but some of the posts had photos that were the wrong way up :? Not sure when or how that happened, it could have been when I changed all the photos around in Picasa last time I was blogging.  So I wanted to say please excuse my wonky photos! I think I have fixed most of the photos in posts that needed rotating around and hopefully I haven't missed any, please let me know if I have missed any :)

It has been a nice hour or so looking back over posts as I have been editing them, it made me realise just how much I used to do and how small my babies were! 

It's school holidays at the moment so Master 7 is off in town at a playdate and Master 8 has one of his close mates over.......although it is pretty wet today so its all inside games, but they are great at entertaining themselves. I'm secretly listening to their games and it is so funny what they can come out with!

Making Scone dough pizza for lunch today, and then I'm working on an assignment for the afternoon, so I think we may do popcorn and a movie :)

What are you up to today? I'd love to hear :)

Ruth x

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Guilt Free Sweet Treats

I have such a sweet tooth! sometimes I quite like to have a little something sweet with my cup of tea at the end of a long day...and so does MrW.

I thought when we decided to give up refined sugar that I would have to give up a lot of my favourite treats (like chocolate) but with quite a bit of 'blog surfing' I realised the opposite :) YAY!

So if you want some truly yummy treats that aren't full of refined sugar then there are lots of lovely blogs out there with great recipes.  I thought tonight I would share one of my favourites with you, head on over and visit Bianca at Wholefood Simply and prepare to spend a while looking through her recipes, she has some amazing ones that she has developed.

Tonight I made Bianca's Jersey Caramel Slice.....OMG devine! find the recipe here

So simple, in a food processor or high powered blender whizz together dessicated coconut, some dates (either medjool or dried), vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. So easy! If you use dried dates like I did, then soak them in a bowl covered with boiling water for about 15mins to soften first. I also drizzled in a few spoons of the date liquid as well.

Earlier in the week I made the Bounty Bar Slice, it felt like eating a little slice of naughty-ness each night...without the guilt :) find the recipe here
The Chocolate topping tastes like chocolate and sets nice and hard.

One little tip I have discovered that you may like to try is process the dessicated coconut for a bit first. It seemed to help break it down a little quicker doing the coconut on its own first before adding the remaining ingredients.

It will take a little while but it will eventually start to release its natural moisture and this is the consistency you want it so you can press it into the slice tin. Chill in the fridge, cut into decadent small pieces, store in the fridge and ENJOY!

If you come across any other great recipes for sweet treats that are refined sugar free and supports Clean eating please feel free to leave links in the comments to share :)  

Spelt Flour Crepes

Hi and Welcome!

We are a family that loves crepes and to be honest I can't believe I haven't already shared this recipe with you all in the past!  They are super tasty, easy to make (when you have the knack with creating thin crepes which honestly just takes a little practice but anyone can do it) and in my book they are a pretty frugal recipe to make.

The original recipe came from my lovely Mother in Law as Ham Crepes were a firm favourite of MrW's when he was a boy. So he was delighted when I began making Ham Crepes for him, and our youngest has followed suit with these being his favourite meal. Master 8 and I are also quite partial to having ham crepes. I of course have had a 'tinker' with the original recipe as I found I couldn't quite get the mix right, but I have been making crepes from this recipe now for years (although only recently with Spelt Flour).

As I mentioned during my 'wee' break from blogging we have made changes to a few ingredients we use in baking and cooking to gain the health benefits from having them in our diets. I promise a post will come soon explaining what and why we have made these changes, but just quickly one of these has been to reduce the amount of processed bleached plain white flour.  I looked into what the process is to make good old plain flour and to tell you the honest truth I was quite put off that I have been putting that into my families tummies. If you have no other choice then it is what it is and in all honesty it has stood us well for all my life of cooking, but we are slowly using up the last and changing over to Spelt Flour which is a cousin to wheat flour but not 'wheat' as we know it, and it is a wholegrain which contains a lower amount of gluten (which is why I love it because it substitutes in bread, pastry etc wonderfully). We find the items I have made with Spelt flour to sit a little lighter in our tummies which is always nice at the end of a meal and I well and truly recommend if you can get your hands on Spelt flour then give it a whirl and see if you can notice the difference :) Otherwise if I have no spelt I have on hand Organic Unbleached White Flour which is plain white flour that has not been subject to half of the processing that commercial plain flour has. I get these two items from our local Binn Inn, but just google whats around you or have a look at some local companies online that will ship to you. In NZ one company is Huckleberry Farms which has a great range of organic and other healthy goodies at reasonable prices.

Oh and I know that shaved Ham is NOT technically Clean Eating as it contains additives etc and so in that view I would use cooked shredded chicken if you are wanting to avoid whats in the sliced ham...or as I plan to do, pop down to the local butcher and see if there is such a thing as preservative free sliced ham. However I have to make a few little allowances along the way as I have stripped the children and MrW of their 'bad' foods that they love like Nacho chips (I'm working on a healthier alternative for nachos) so I make the compromise on a few slices of shaved ham to make this dish, which otherwise ticks all the boxes of being frugal and containing all ingredients that are good for you :)

ANYWAY as for the important part here is the recipe! (I have included the plain flour version at the end)

Ruth's Spelt Flour Crepes


1 1/2 cups Spelt Flour
good Pinch of Salt (I used rock salt)
2 eggs
1 1/4cups of Milk

In a bowl sift the spelt flour and mix in your pinch of salt. In another bowl (or in my case I use my drink shaker) mix together the eggs and milk.  Adding a little at a time beat the milk and egg mix into the flour to form a lovely batter. You don't want it to thick like a pancake batter, so if you need to add a splash or two more milk please do.

If you have lumps use a sieve and strain these out, otherwise just cover and pop the batter into the fridge for at least half an hour.

Turn the oven onto 180degC (I use fanbake)

Take the batter out and give it a good stir, if it has thickened up add a touch more milk until it is at a thin but not watery consistency.  Have a pan on hand (you do not need a crepe pan) I use my electric frypan (oh I got a new kitchen tool and it is fab! but that's also for another time!). I like to use a little spray oil, but you could use butter or just a bit of oil or coconut oil to grease the pan after each crepe.

I use a soup ladle and pour the mix into the hot pan but you could a 1/3 cup measure. Pour the mix in and NOW pay attention because this is the key to getting the crepe to spread out - pick up the pan and swirl it in the air in a circular motion this will get the batter you have poured into the pan to swirl out into a nice big crepe shape....quite often mine are NOT a perfect circle but I get them close enough. If you have 'holes' feel free to use a tiny bit of batter on the back of a spoon to fill them in.

Cook until you see the top of the batter looking like its cooking and the underside is started to gain some colour and flip over with a fish slice and your fingers - careful it'll be hot :) Try not to let them gain to much colour or that is where you come into cracking country. Pile all of your crepes onto a plate to await phase three.

The Filling Part

A slight variation to our traditional Ham Crepes is to add Silverbeet/Spinach and Mushrooms. You could also substitute the ham for cooked shredded chicken.  So in a seperate pan while you are cooking the crepes saute in some butter a good amount of sliced mushrooms (I slice and cut in half so they aren't massive) and a good few leaves of silverbeet/spinach slice reasonably fine. Cook until softened in the butter.

When all of your crepes are made, place your filling into the middle allowing room at the sides for the rolling. So for this one I placed two pieces of shaved ham, and in the middle of this some of the silverbeet and mushroom mix. Roll the two side that the filling is nearly touch in a little to create a sealed end and then roll from bottom up all the way until you have a nice little crepe roll. (this takes a little practice also so don't give up! if you can't get the end tucks to stay in then don't worry about that first part just roll the whole thing up into a roll with the ends untucked - hope that makes sense! should do when you are doing it ;) )

Place all of your rolled crepes into a pan with sides for the oven (I use a roasting dish) and then sprinkle over a layer of grated cheese, and some cracked pepper and salt. Then pour over a small bottle of cream (250mls) go on all of it :) trust me, it won't do you any harm to have cream :)

Bake in the oven (180degC) until its golden brown and delish looking. The cream creates a sauce over the crepes.  Serve with a little remaining source from the pan with a side salad or your preference of veges.


N.B if you don't like ham you can use cooked shredded chicken. You also can do what the boys prefer and use just ham and no silverbeet and mushrooms....I am Mama and I like to add veges! There are also a number of fillings you could use like some smoked salmon, or smoked chicken nom nom nom.

To make Plain Flour Crepes:

1 1/2 cups Plain Flour
Pinch of Salt
2 Eggs
1 1/2 Cups Milk

Proceed as per recipe.

Spelt flour doesn't need as much liquid as other flours hence the difference in the milk quantity :)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hello My Friends! :)


Wow! It has been such a long time since I wrote and even visited my blog! sooooo much has happened in the last few years, life literally flew out from under our feet and we got caught up in the flow of busy life. We are all well and happy though and now its time to come home and slow things down a little and remember what smelling the roses feels like :)

The boys are now happy and gorgeous 8 and 7 year olds (how did that happen?!!), they are well involved at school and enjoying it.  We have even been through 2 winters of the boys playing Rugby! I can't believe my babies have sprouted so quickly, awesome but makes me a little sad that we have well and truly left the littlies stages behind us and we are into the next chapter of having school boys.

The crazy boys and I

 MrW is enjoying his extremely busy job, and he has rediscovered his love of cycling that he had as a teenager being a competitive young cyclist. He has worked very hard over the last two years and has trained and trained and trained and made his way back to being a competitive 'mature' cyclist :) He doesn't love being classed in Masters but he is doing VERY well and we are so proud of him and what he has achieved in a short space of time (brag moment but he even won silver for his age group in the 100km Rotorua to Taupo flyer race earlier this easy task!).

And Me....well I have been on a whirlwind couple of years! I was diagnosed around the time I stopped blogging with an autoimmune disease called Graves disease which really made me stop and take stock of life. I withdrew quite a bit as I went on my journey to healing myself. I did get there though! I have been off the meds and in remission for a over year now and no signs of it coming back.  I re-assessed our lives and although our diet was fine as I was cooking everything from scratch and eating wholesome whole foods, I needed to get fit. I walked around our hilly 6km loop about 4 times a week but I wasn't that fit. 

Long story short I decided to start running and MrW convinced me to get a road bike as well. So over the last couple of years I have run 4 Half Marathons, ridden the 160km Lake Taupo Cycle challenge and competed in a few shorter distances with managing to come in 3rd woman home in a race around lake Rotorua!  I decided at the start of this year to train for the Rotorua Marathon which was in May this year...I got all the way through my training and even completed a 38km run around Lake Taupo and then just as I was beginning to taper for the marathon I suffered a knee injury and that was me out of the running and I found myself rehabbing an injury. It has been a VERY tough few months dealing with the emotional side of the injury as well as the physical. Not being able to just go out for a run when it had become such a huge part of my life has been hard, I have stuck with the bike but I haven't been able to commit fully to this with this feeling of emptiness that I can't run.  ANYWAY at the advice of my physio I joined the gym to develop my leg strength and stability and to get into the pool and I have had a bit of success and have just gone into a run/walk program! oh man I can run for 2 mins at a time relatively pain-free over 5 minute intervals for a half an hour run/walk session and my spirit has lifted immensly. Funny how these things affect us isn't it?

MrW and I after finishing the massive 160km Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, MrW finished in just over 5hrs and I finished in 6hrs....we were pretty tuckered!

I also went back to work three days a week when I was better from the Graves with a merchandising job since both boys were at school and we thought the money would be nice now that we both had our new sports that we were getting into. We were nearly debt free and it was great, we were able to purchase all of the equipment that we needed and a some things for the boys and we got ourselves around to a few events. It was so nice to have two incomes again for a while.  But along with me working came the loss of maintence at home, I let the garden go as I didn't seem to have the time with working, training and running the family and although I still kept cooking as I have such a passion for cooking yummy nourishing food that are wholesome and not full of nasty stuff, a few things crept back in that probably shouldn't have (like jars of pasta sauce would you believe and packet flavouring for the crockpot! I felt guilty at first and then it became second nature to have a few of these things in the pantry) I stopped stockpiling as much, the bread maker got put away in favour of the cardboard slices from the supermarket and although I baked I found myself having emergency packets of biscuits instead of baking in the freezer.  The green cleaners disappeared as well and in came the chemical versions again...and my dermatitis. We still ate healthily enough though, we had to with training, our bodies need a lot of nourishment doing the endurance sports that we were doing. I wasn't happy with things as they were but I could live with gave us a second income right? 

The saving grace came with this knee injury, part of my role was climbing ladders and kneeling on the ground, both of which became incredibly difficult and painful with a gammy knee. Eventually it got to the point where it was obvious part of the reason I wasn't healing was because of my work. 

MrW and I had some big decisions to make and we decided that although the second wage was nice, the kids were missing out on having Mum home after school and in the holidays, I didn't have the time or energy to feed our family in the way I prefer to and life was just far to BUSY.  We took it as a blessing in disguise and I left work and came home, but it was on the agreement that I spend the next three or so years while the kids are still at primary and need Mum around for afterschool and holidays studying towards a degree to set a new career up for later in life. So back on one wage we go and time to re-acquaint ourselves with frugal living again. 

So here we are my lovely blogging friends, I am back home and now studying towards a Degree in Accounting and Management via correspondence.  I have slowly been trying to chip away at cleaning things up again but I have over committed myself for the moment (hard for me to admit this) and jumped into two papers for my first semester not knowing exactly what the work load would be like. But I am nearly finished this semester (early Nov) and then I am dropping to one paper to gain some balance.  All the foods of convenience are long gone and the bread maker is back in action and the oven/stove is on at least once a day :) Gosh it feels good and I'm starting to be able to appreciate just living in the moment again.  I am slowly getting some of my green cleaners back into the cupboard and The garden...Oh my poor garden.... we have plans when the semester finishes to get in and clean it up, I even have some seedlings patiently waiting to be planted in the soon to be resurrected vege patch...and we have even been talking about some chooks to add to the family.

This is my very poorly neglected vege garden....
New Life! Seedlings ready for the vege garden's revamp :)

We have changed a little of our food philosophy over the last wee while. I have researched a lot regarding just what our bodies need to sustain the training we do, and I have discovered a lot about the effects that refined sugar has on our bodies, the effects of choosing low fat options over the traditional good fats like Butter, full fat milk and cream and the differences in some of the flours we have been using.  We are focused on nourishing wholefoods and clean eating, but I could never live without my sweet treats....of which I now have plenty of recipes for guilt free treats to share with you! But I will write a separate post on this another time :) 

MMMMM Omelette for lunch!

So I am waking my blog up :) I have soooo many recipes that I am trying that I would love to share with you all,  I still use my old ones and some I have adapted to our food philosophy changes.

I would love for you to join me getting back to the slower pace of life, I am enjoying being back in the kitchen full time cooking nourishing whole foods from scratch, getting back into the garden but most of all, have a cuppa with me and enjoy smelling the roses :)

MrsW xx

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